McFoy Starting Over

It certainly may sound peculiar when a senior talks about a fresh start, but when you consider the fact that the player in question is Ryan McFoy, suddenly that statement makes a lot of sense. The Chino (Calif.) star started his ASU career as a promising safety and after two years at linebacker he would like his Sun Devil tenure to end the way it started.

The 6-1 209 Ryan McFoy collected 34 tackles and two interceptions as a true freshman, as he started in eight games. In his sophomore and junior season combined he registered just 33 stops and got the nod in only a couple of the contests out of the 23 he played in.

"I feel like safety is kind of like a new position for me," McFoy said. "I'm starting to read the line keys more and because I played linebacker I can read the line better. I'm taking my linebacker skills and using them in my safety skills. I just know how the read the offense better than I used to."

By his own admission, McFoy stated that in the off-season he lived in the weight room and the film room, in order to prepare for his last go around in Tempe.

"The mental factor was one of the problems I had," McFoy explained, "so I wanted to make sure that I was there getting help from the other safeties understanding the plays and knowing what to do and not to do. I'm kind of new to safety so I was getting help from Clint (Floyd), Jarrell Holman and those guys."

Ryan McFoy is one of the key players in an Arizona State defense that came into the pre-season with quite a bit of hype, and for large stretches thus far in fall camp has delivered on those accolades. Nonetheless, the safety acknowledged that he and the entire defensive backfield have definitely been challenged every day in practice by a talented wide receivers unit.

"They are helping us get better," McFoy commented. "The better they perform the more it helps us. During the season we are going to play against some fast and good wide receivers, and they help us deal with the quickness."

McFoy noted that even though if the move from safety to linebacker was a challenging one that it did ultimately pay off now that he's playing well at his original position. He acknowledged that he has a lot to improve on and despite the fact that he's listed starter, he by no means feels secure in his position.

"It's up for grabs right now," McFoy said of his chances of starting the season opener. "We have a lot of talent at safety. It's great competition. My goal is to be a starter, but we're all in this together so I will help them and they will help me. We're all gonna fight through it."

Like any senior, McFoy has a natural sense of urgency to do well and leave his mark on the program as he plays his last campaign in the maroon and gold. Nonetheless, he finds it hard when he talks about his own aspirations, not to mention the team's goals.

"We want to play this season beyond everybody's expectations, McFoy stated. "We're an underdog and we're pumped to show people what we are made of. That's why we work hard every day."

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