Osweiler Eager for 2009 Season

Brock Osweiler, a 6-8 freshman quarterback from Kalispell, Montana has made his way to the second string position. Surpassing Samson Szakacsy due to injury, Osweiler is now taking reps as the backup to starter Danny Sullivan. Unfortunately, injuries are a common element to collegiate sports and open the door for other players to excel and take advantage of an opportunity.

"I really need to be prepared to go out there and play now", said Osweiler. "When you're a second string quarterback you're only one step away from being the top guy. I have to be on my A-game come September 5th."

Osweiler was named the 2008 Gatorade State Player of the Year for Montana and led the state in completed passes, rushing yards, and passing yards-per-game. As a talented athlete, Osweiler was sought out by many schools and previously committed to Gonzaga to play basketball before deciding to focus on his collegiate football career. The decision came down to a battle between the two sports.

"I just felt like I loved football, a lot more than I do basketball and I felt that at the time and even now," Osweiler said. "I couldn't give up the game of football and when it came down to it I had to pick one or the other, and basketball is the one I gave up."

Transferring mid-year from high school, Brock made it to ASU in time to attend spring practice with the team and now finds himself in a position where he could potentially be taking the field come September. Therefore, the decision to leave high school early is one that he does not regret.

"It helped me in every way possible," stated Osweiler. "If I wouldn't have come down in January, I really don't feel like I'd be ready to be the backup quarterback right now because at the quarterback position there is so much to know and learn so there are no regrets and I'm very happy that I came down."

Arriving early to ASU potentially provides athletes with the opportunity to not redshirt and actually play their first season. Osweiler, being one of those athletes, is working hard to make this a reality.

"Nobody wants to sit out," confessed Osweiler. "Everybody wants to be the top guy and play so since day one I've been giving my best effort to try and get some playing time this year and I'm just going to see what happens."

Fall camp is coming to an end for the Sun Devils and for the last couple of weeks the quarterbacks have been competing amongst each other to secure their ranks. Despite the competition between the signal callers, they support each other on and off the field.

"Danny and Samson have been amazing. Without those two, there is no way I'd be where I am right now," Osweiler admitted. "We're all friends on and off the field, there's no tension between us even with the quarterback battle."

Along with the ongoing quarterback battle, the ASU offense is surrounded by skepticism in regards to its effectiveness. The offensive group has been stepping it up throughout camp, specifically wide receivers, whose success relies heavily on the performance of the quarterback.

"I would say the entire wide receiver group has all made big plays since day one, "Osweiler commented. "They're kind of the focus of our offense right now. We all know if we just get it in their hands they're going to make big plays. Our wide receivers are a big asset to our team."

With the season opener approaching quickly the freshman quarterback is taking it all in and talked about his progression as a player.

"I'd say things are going pretty good," Osweiler stated. "I've learned a lot since camp started and I'd say that's the biggest thing especially with me being a freshman right now. I just try to soak in as much as I can and learn from my mistakes and get better."

And what would Osweiler like to improve on?

"Pretty much eliminating mistakes", Osweiler replied. "I'm making a couple small mistakes right now that I really shouldn't be, throwing into coverage, stuff like that."

As for the anticipation for the 2009 season grows, the pressure increases. The reality for Osweiler is setting in that he may have the opportunity to take to the field in his first year of play for the Sun Devils. The young quarterbacks' dreams are finally coming true.

"I'm really excited," Osweiler exclaimed. "There's no real way to prepare for it and what it's going to be like but at the same time the only thing I can do is come out to practice each day and try to get better and try to get my mind right and to where I'm comfortable on the field come game day and I can be somewhat successful."

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