Magee Doing Double Duty

Playing multiple sports in college is something most people can't do, no matter how athletic they are. Very few have succeeded and most end up quitting after their freshman year, but not sophomore Brandon Magee.

Magee saw time as a true freshman for both football and baseball last year and admits that it was tiring.

"It was fun, real busy though. You get no breaks really," Magee said.

Nonetheless, he continues to plug away, and is eager to make up for time he lost on the gridiron as a freshman due to injury.

"It was real cool (playing as a freshman)," Magee commented. "I wanted to play a lot more, but I got injured so I've got to make up for that this year.

"I've really worked on learning the plays, offensive schemes, reading keys, everything really. I think I'm doing a lot better this fall than I did freshman year. I'm learning the program a lot better, learning the plays, so really good I think."

The defensive scheme has changed up a little bit from last year, and Magee believes that most has to do with the personnel in place on the team.

"Well we've got a lot of speed guys now," Magee commented. "We've got a lot of athletes, so we can blitz a lot more, come off the edge, up the middle, anywhere. That's the reason why."

Magee has really excelled in coverage this fall as well, but says that no matter what he's doing whether it's dropping back, or attacking the quarterback he just loves to hit. One thing is for certain, no matter what he is doing, he is doing it fast, as his best asset is self-admittedly speed.

With all of the praise surrounding the linebacking corps this year, Magee knows they can't get big heads.

"No, never," Magee said. "I just keep playing and we all do a good job with that. Just keep playing and challenging each other."

One thing that will help Magee with the double sporting life he lives on both on the football field and on the diamond will be having the support of his former and current teammates from Centennial High School in Corona, Calif.

"It's cool. It's like family really," Magee commented. "You can't ask for anything more. Everyday just talking with them, it's really good."

Along with his friends from Centennial there as also a few players from his high school rival Norco on the team, and he admits that the rivalry still exists.

"Yeah we talk about it," Magee acknowledged. "Me, Garth (Gerhart), and (Adam) Tello. We go back and forth but we always win the conversation because we beat them all the time."

On the football field he also has the familiarity of playing alongside true freshman five-star recruit Vontaze Burfict like he did in high school. Magee believes that both of them will continue to get better the more they are next to each other.

"I think he's (Burfict) learning the plays a lot more," Magee remarked. "He's not really a free player anymore, he has to learn to read keys, but I think he's going to be even better in college than he was in high school. I'm real comfortable playing next to him. I know what he's thinking, and I know how he plays. As long as we read each other like that we'll be great."

Even with his success on the football field, Magee confessed that he was very flattered getting drafted by the Major League's Tampa Bay Rays last year.

"Getting drafted was pretty cool, it just wasn't the path I wanted to take," Magee stated. "I'll get drafted again, I don't know which sport yet, but we'll find out."

He added that he considered signing with the Rays out of high school.

"The same day I was gonna I sign I came out here so that was it. I'm here now," Magee said.

Magee has very high expectations for himself and continues to work hard so he can excel in both sports.

"I'm a real team player, and I'm going to make a lot of plays out there for football," Magee declared. "For baseball I'll just try my hardest to try and get on that field. I look forward to the baseball season; it's gonna be a big year for that."

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