Sullivan, Osweiler Post Scrimmage Interviews

Devils Digest spoke to the Arizona State quarterbacks about Saturday's morning scrimmage.

Danny Sullivan

Q: Danny, what were your thoughts on today's scrimmage?

DS: "Today was good, we got off to slow start though and we can't have that but we told ourselves, "get over the mistakes and come out and keep competing" and that's what we did so we've got to be happy about that."

Q: In your mind, what went well during the scrimmage and what didn't go so well?

DS: "I thought the running game was a lot better than we possibly thought it was going to be and that's going to be good for us going into the season, we need that going in. The passing game needs little touch ups that will take place."

Q: How did you feel about your personal performance on the field?

DS: "I felt like I did good. I made a couple mistakes here and there and that's all I can ask for and I just have to keep eliminating mistakes and just keep playing within myself."

Q: The offense has been playing well the last couple of days but didn't come out as strong today. What do you think needs to be worked on?

DS: "Just consistency. I think that we've been doing well the last couple of days and today we just kind of hit a little bit of a wall but that happens, it's the game of football and you learn to deal with it."

Q: You didn't have Chris McGaha today, was that a factor?

DS: "Yeah, but T.J. is just as good and we can throw Kerry out there if we need to or G-Rob. We've got the depth at receiver that we need we've just got to go and make plays consistently and things will take place."

Q: Coach Erickson said you're definitely going to start, which is not a big shock but how do fell for him to actually say that?

DS: "I've known for a little bit but for him to come out and say it now spreads the word a little bit and a little weight is lifted off of my shoulders. I've just got get ready for Idaho State. It's going to be a fun one on September 5th."

Q: How did you feel about today?

DS: "I felt good, I felt really good. First series we got off to a slow start but it happens and we'll fix it. I made some mistakes but that's the game of football. Some days you have it, some days you don't and I fought through it."

Q: How did the O-Line hold up for you today?

DS: "Good. Good pass protection, I liked it. It opened up some holes for our running game too, we had some big runs today and that's what we've got to do to be successful on this offense we've got to do that. We've got to have a good running game and the pass protection will be there."

Q: Do you feel like you're ready to be the leader? Did you need the coach to tell you that today?

DS: "No, I didn't. I've told myself since day one since we've got back to school, "you act like the starter and you will be the starter" and that's what I've done and my performance has showed it."

Q: What does offense need to improve on the most in the next two weeks?

DS: "Consistency like I said. Some days we're at peaks and valleys but we can't have that. We've got to just keep climbing and it we hit a flat spot, it happens but we've got to keep climbing."

Brock Osweiler

Q: Brock, what did you think of the scrimmage today?

BO: "I'd say as an offensive group we started out pretty slow but then we came out strong at the end. Danny made some great throws today; Gerell Robinson made a lot of big catches on offense which was good for the team because we needed to see a little bit of a spark. As an offensive group we have a lot of work to do these next few weeks before Idaho State. I thought the defense, they did what they do. They're a great defense and they had a great day but as far as an offensive group we have a lot of work to do. "

Q: The past few days at practice the offense has been performing well and today wasn't so good. What do you think was the issue?

BO: "Sometimes you just have an off day. It's one of those deals but basically all we can do from this is go into the film room and learn from our mistakes and try to get better the next couple weeks. "

Q: What stood out in your mind as things that went well today and things that didn't go so well?

BO: "I would say our running game, we had a couple good runs but for the most part I think we need to fix up a couple things in the run department and as far as our passing game goes, we just need to be more consistent and complete more balls and just get the ball in our playmakers hands."

Q: What are your thoughts on your personal performance today, were you pleased?

BO: "Today was a learning day. There were some good times and there were some bad times and all I can do from this is go into the film room tonight and look at my mistakes and make sure I don't do those anymore and try to get better in these next couple of weeks."

Q: What do you think you need to improve on after today?

BO: "Once again, it's just one of those things that I'm going to have to see on film because the game is so fast, it's all kind of a blur sometimes and you're not exactly seeing what's going on but it's just one of those things that I need to watch on tape and learn from it. I'm just doing what I can to try to move the offense down the field and try to have a successful day and just learn from my mistakes."

Q: Gerell Robinson, can you talk about his scrimmage today?

BO: "G-Rob had a great day. He is going to be a big player for us this year and over the next three. Gerell had a great offseason. He worked really hard to get his body in top shape and its showing out here. I think Gerell is going to have great season and I think all of our wide receivers will. We've got a lot of talent around us; it's just up to the quarterbacks to get the ball out to them."

Q: Is it tough going up against the talented defense every day?

BO: "They know our stuff inside and out. It's getting to the point where we're looking forward to getting an opponent but they had a great day so we've got to give them credit. As far as an offensive group we've just got to go out there and get better and work on mistakes."

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