Q & A with Coach Greg Burns

Cornerbacks coach Greg Burns has coached his share of stars, including Troy Polamalu, Darnell Bing, and Will Poole while at USC and Pro-bowler Ronde Barber while with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He knows what it takes to be great, and he likes the improvement his group has made from spring, through summer, and now in the days leading up to the season opener against Idaho State.

We sat down with Coach Burns to get his thoughts about Arizona State's cornerbacks unit.

On the cornerbacks performance this fall

"Pretty good. I think they've improved. Most of them did a real good job in the spring, so their improvement from last year to the spring was really good, and they improvement from spring to now has been real good. More so mentally than anything else."

On Omar Bolden

"As long as he understands the things he needs to do, he's going to be fine. Athletically he has all the tools: the speed, the size, the toughness. He just has to put the whole thing together, and again, that's the mental part of the game and I think he's improved on that."

On Pierre Singfield

"I expect him to do what he's been doing, which is be consistent. I truly believe we have three starters in regards to Omar (Bolden), (Pierre) Singfield, and T-Carr. I expect him to just do what he's been doing."

On what he's looking for out of Deveron Carr and Josh Jordan

"Josh has been slowed with a back deal, but he's coming back and doing a lot better so I see the quickness and the things we thought he could do. Deveron is just continually getting better. He might be the furthest behind because he is still just trying to understand the position."

On whether the front seven will cause the secondary to be challenged more

"Yes, but at the same time I would like to think we'll have a great pass rush too, so I'm not sure. Either way, whatever happens, we have to be ready on our end. I'd love to get to the point where we can dominate and force people just to run, but again we're gonna do a pretty good job in the run game, so we'll see what they're gonna dish out."

On going up against the wide receiver group everyday

"Great, I think we can't get any better opportunities to practice and improve our things because we're going against the speed and skill of the receivers that we have. I don't know if we'll have anybody that we play against that will be to their caliber."

On coaching a vocal group of guys

"It comes with the territory, and I don't know if they're all that vocal, but everyone kind of has their personality, and that's all it is, personalities. We're a little louder, but when it's all said and done you'll see that there is focus when the ball is ready to be snapped."

On what he takes from his NFL coaching experience to the guys he coaches

"Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more confidence you play with."

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