Sullivan Ready for Uncharted Waters‏

ASU is going into its season opener with a cloud of uncertainty over them, as they open up their season with relatively no experience at quarterback for the first time since 2002. Between all of the injuries on the offensive line, and the suspension of starting receiver Kerry Taylor, first-time starting quarterback Danny Sullivan's job is a lot more complicated than originally thought.

Yet, Saturday's season opener against the Idaho State Bengals should be a victory for the Sun Devils no matter who is under center, or in ASU's case in the shotgun. Coach Dennis Erickson is a career 14-6 in his season openers and 2-0 since coming to the ASU.

Danny Sullivan enters Saturday's game with no starts to show for, and the majority of his field-time coming as a place kick holder. With that being said, spending the last four years on the bench and seeing one of the Pac-10 conference's best all-time passers in Rudy Carpenter should help him. Still, Sullivan says that the game plan for Saturday has not changed even with all of the ambiguity.

"We're just ready to go and get ourselves down," Sullivan said. "We're just trying to be who we want to be and get ready for Saturday.

"We're confident with whoever we put in front of me and we got guys who want to make a difference this year and prove that the offensive line is better than last year."

The senior noted that he is going to treat the Taylor suspension like he would an injury to a player.

"Sometimes you're going to have injuries and you have to deal with them through games," Sullivan commented. "We got a guy in Gerell Robinson who we can put in there no problem, and knowing that is big for us."

The new offensive system run by the Devils this year should help out Sullivan as well. Traditionally the spread offense has been a system that quarterbacks thrive in whether they are expected to run or not.

While most ASU fans hear ‘spread offense' and believe that they will see major changes on the field this year, Sullivan notices only minor differences from the 2008 campaign to this year.

"It's different from the point that we're in the (shot) gun a lot more, but the whole scheme of things is kinda the same," Sullivan acknowledged. "We just changed a little bit of stuff in the run game and how we're blocking people, and it's made a big difference for us.

"It helps me see the field better. When you're under center it's kind of hard to see guys outside of the tight end sometimes. When I'm in the gun I can see the whole field and see where guys are going to be, and that helps me a lot."

The spread offense should benefit all players on the offense, not just Sullivan. It should open up holes for the running backs, which is something the team lacked last season. Opening up the ground attack should naturally help Sullivan as well.

With the system, coaches, and teammates fully behind him, Sullivan also has receives support from people back home who are pulling for their guy to succeed in his first starting role.

"I've had a lot of support from back home in Los Gatos," Sullivan stated. "I've gotten text messages for the last three weeks saying ‘good luck, we'll be watching you here at Double D's in Los Gatos' and just knowing that I've got support out there makes it a little easier for me too."

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