Bass looking to hit more 'home-runs'

Ryan Bass had to wait a long time to get his first carry of the season Saturday night, but he didn't have to wait long after that for his first career college touchdown.

On his second carry of the season, Bass broke off down the left sideline, showing off his explosive speed, and broke another tackle on his way to a 38-yard touchdown run.

"I'm pretty explosive, I hit the hole hard, really hard," Bass said of his skills. "That's what I'm good at, hitting the hole, and beating everybody with my speed, that's just what I do.

"It felt good. All that hard work I've put in. I've been thinking about wanting to score all weekend, so it felt really good."

Bass looked solid for the limited time on he was on the field, and overall was pleased with his performance.

"I think I did well in what I said I was gonna do before the season started," Bass said with confidence. "Break home-run runs like I did Saturday night. I can't really say anything I did wrong because I didn't get that many carries, but I think I did well in what I said I was gonna do."

Bass finished the game with only two carries, but a whopping 22.5-yard per carry average, easily the best of the night among his teammates. When asked if he plans to keep that average up, Bass pointed to the coaches.

"Yeah I can keep it up," Bass stated. "I can keep it up if I keep getting carries, that is just up to the coaches."

With the depth the Sun Devils possess at running back, Bass didn't even enter the game until the second half, but the sophomore knows he just has to continue to plug away and make the most of the opportunities presented to him."

"I wouldn't say I was discouraged," Bass claimed. "It just makes me more eager to get out there, and hopefully things will change this coming up week and we'll see what happens."

Still, Bass was happy with how the group performed as a whole and feels like they really made a statement out on the field Saturday night.

"We had a really good game," Bass mentioned. "We all came out running really hard, and we looked good out there. We've got to keep it up."

The offense scored four touchdowns, and put the team in scoring position for six field goal attempts. Most would look at a 50-3 final score and think the offense really excelled, but Bass feels they still have a lot to improve on.

"We came out kinda slow in the first half, but we picked it up," Bass pointed out. "I think we can do better than we did on Saturday night. It was an OK game, but we can do better."

One of the players Bass was impressed with on Saturday night was first-time starter, Danny Sullivan, who completed 13 of 25 passes for 165 yards. "Danny did pretty good for his first start," Bass noted. "He'll get better as the season goes on, but I think it was an OK game by him."

Though the offense performed decently, the Sun Devil defense was unbelievably dominating on Saturday night surrendering only three points while adding four interceptions and two fumble recoveries. Having a defense perform like that can naturally only aid the offense that much more.

"With the defense as good as they are it takes a lot of pressure off us to score," bass explained, "because we know that they are going to stop every team that comes on the field, so it feels really good. It gives us a lot of confidence on offense."

Along with Bass, many of his other former Centennial High School teammates excelled on Saturday, notably true freshman Vontaze Burfict and sophomore Brandon Magee, who tied for the team lead with five tackles apiece including a few vicious hits. Back in high school the two weren't allowed to hit Bass in practice, but at ASU they are given the opportunity, though Bass says he doesn't worry about it.

"They still don't hit me now, its all brotherly love really," Bass commented. "We're all like brothers pretty much, but they've hit me a couple of times this camp, but it wasn't that bad, it's whatever."

Overall, seeing his former high school teammates perform well is something that Bass is really proud of.

"It feels really good," Bass remarked. "It makes me feel like our high school was really good. To see everyone out there; Vontaze, Brandon had a really good game, and seeing them out there ballin' feels good, just repping for our home town."

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