Nervousness turns into calmness for Osweiler

True freshman quarterback Brock Osweiler made his debut Saturday against the Idaho State Bengals. Osweiler stepped into the second string position in late August and has been on the fast track to learn the ASU offense in time for the season opener.

"I was super nervous," Osweiler confessed regarding the weeks leading up to the game versus Idaho State. "Honestly, I probably had butterflies for a week leading up to that game. I got some good sleep (Friday night) and woke up Saturday early. Me and Danny (Sullivan) just sat in the room and watched college football all day and tried to kill as many butterflies as I could."

Now that his first ever game is in the books, Osweiler will have an opportunity to look back and reflect on his performance. The young signal caller finds himself in a position many freshmen would love to be in and is trying to make the best of it. Not only did he perform, completing 4-5 passes for 43 yards, well but he also found comfort on the field, which was clear to spectators.

"There was nothing that took me by surprise, which in fact, surprised me," Osweiler laughed. "I thought I was going to be really nervous out there and stuff like that but from the very first play I went out there, I was super comfortable, I felt great. In fact, I just had a lot of energy and a lot of excitement so it was a lot of fun."

Overall, Saturday was a success all around for the Sun Devils with the 50-3 victory over the Bengals. Despite criticism of the Sun Devil offense, Osweiler believes he and the rest of the team performed very well.

"Saturday's game was awesome. I had a lot of fun, I pretty much enjoyed the entire experience," said Osweiler. "I had a great time, I felt really comfortable in the pocked and I think overall as an offense we played really good and our defense was great."

The freshman proved that his time and hard work at practice has been well spent. The young quarterback had a successful first game, including an impressive touchdown pass to wide receiver Brian Matsumoto.

"It was big! I didn't realize it at the time, it was probably a couple minutes after we scored the touchdown, I found out how big of a moment that was for Brian," Osweiler recalled. "Shoot, it was huge, it was a great feeling and I never really imagined getting my first career touchdown in the first game but it was just how it worked out and it was just a lot of fun."

Not only was it the first touchdown for Osweiler, it was also a first for Matsumoto, a walk-on senior who caught a tightly thrown 16-yard pass as stretched horizontally to catch the ball. Because it was such a momentous occasion for the two players, they each had a chance to take possession of that ball. Yet who ultimately obtained it?

"Honestly, I have no idea where the ball went," Osweiler sighed. "I kind of wish I would have grabbed onto it. I kept a couple balls throughout high school that meant special things to me but, oh well. It's one of the many to come hopefully so we'll see what happens."

One of many to come is correct. Osweiler's talent has put a lot of confidence in Sun Devil fans whom now know the offense has the tools it needs to succeed this season. Personally, the quarterback found out that Saturday's success was just what he needed to prepare for the rest of the season.

"To be able to go in there and have a little bit of success, it definitely gives me a lot of confidence going into the Louisiana-Monroe game," Osweiler commented. "I just have to build upon that, there are still a lot of areas I need to improve on but confidence is key at this position."

Now that Brock has the confidence he needs, he and the rest of the Sun Devils will have a week off to learn and prepare for the next contest against Louisiana-Monroe on the 19th. What will the young quarterback focus on during the time off?

"They run a little different defense, not too many teams run it so I have a lot to study up on to get to be prepared for them," Osweiler admitted. "But, pretty much the same stuff I do every week. Try to make good throws, good decisions, go through my reads, and stuff like that so it's just a big, long continual process but you just have to do it week in and week out."

Although there is a lot of business at hand to take care of before facing the Warhawks, many Sun Devils, Osweiler included, would prefer to bypass the upcoming hiatus and keep on playing.

"Honestly, I'd rather play and have a break later in the season," Osweiler said. "But this is just how it ended up so we have to take it how it is and get better this week."

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