Sullivan anxious to return to the field

After a 50-3 win over Idaho State, Danny Sullivan and the rest of the Sun Devils had a week off to reflect and perfect their game in preparation for the rest of their season. Having a successful first start of his career, the signal caller is now restless for the games to resume. The win over the Bengals was not a perfectly played game, and ASU took advantage of their bye week and went to work.

"It was pretty good, probably one of our best preparation days we've had in a long time here," Sullivan admitted after practice. "We were catching the ball, blocking the right guys and making sure that we understand the Warhawks' defense because it's the 3-3-5 deal. We were pretty sharp all week and it will just transfer into Saturday."

There were several things on the agenda for the Sun Devil offense through the bye week, including developing a more potent attack.

"We've got to be more efficient on offense, especially in the red zone," Sullivan commented. "We had three or four chances where we could have gotten touchdowns and we didn't do it, that's a difference of about sixteen points right there. But we fine-tuned it up in this past week and I think we're ready to go."

The Sun Devils wide receiver group had a disappointing season opener, dropping an unusual amount of passes, including three touchdowns, throughout the game, a rare occurrence for the talented unit. The most talented group on offense is ready to redeem themselves.

"They definitely want to," Sullivan said. "They're not happy with the drops but I got their back and I'll put the ball where they want it and even if it's not where they want it, they'll go out and make plays. It was a onetime deal, they don't drop it very often so it was kind of weird but I just told them to relax."

Reflecting on his personal performance against the Bengals, Sullivan noted that it was the simple tasks which he thinks he should have done better.

"With the first start that's going to happen, " Sullivan explained. Sometimes you're not going to see things clearly but watching film on the game and going through these last few weeks of practice I'm starting to see things better and understand it more because you learn everything, every day."

Consistency is what Arizona State Head Coach Dennis Erickson would like to see from his quarterback.

"We were missing throw in that game," Erickson said alluding to the Idaho State contest. "They were some reads in that that game that he has to make and didn't make in that game. The biggest thing is to be accurate all the time.

"But I thought he controlled the game extremely well and was in command of what he was doing. We're not making it too difficult. We have 10 other guys on that football team and you have to get the ball to the playmakers and let them make plays."

With a rigorous, 11 straight games ahead of Danny Sullivan and the Sun Devils, the team will need to be physically and mentally prepared for the challenge.

"I'm ready for it," the quarterback exclaimed. "I've been telling people that it is just like high school again because in high school you don't get a bye week. If we treat it like that and great ready for it then we'll take it in stride."

Arizona State's opponent this week is the University of Louisiana-Monroe, a team the Sun Devils are not underestimating.

"They're very athletic," he said. "Don't let their ranking, team name or conference fool you. They're a good team and they've got a chance to come in here and play tough and give us all they've got and test us pretty good. They've got a history of beating teams on the road that are pretty good, so I'm sure they're looking forward to that and taking advantage of it."

Despite knowing little about the Warhawks squad, the Sun Devils have put to use the information they do have in order to by fully prepared for their upcoming opponent.

"It's tough, especially when you don't have much good tape on them," commented the ASU senior. "Luckily they've played two games and we've gotten two good looks at them. They struggled against Texas but they made some good defensive plays and they've got a good linebacker, Carida Jackson, and they played pretty solid against Texas Southern. It's kind of two different styles in what happened in their games earlier and we just have to expect the best.

"Their history is no secret," Sullivan said. "They beat Alabama two years ago in Tuscaloosa. We look at that and we think they're ready to play. They're a good team, they're athletic, they want to make plays and they can run across the field, so we have to be ready for whatever they bring."

As Danny Sullivan prepares for his second ever start he indicated that his nerves have calmed down and that he is up for the challenges that lie ahead.

"I've got a game under by belt," he said, "we're 1-0 and it's a little more relieving."

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