Know your opponent – Georgia Bulldogs

Devils Digest caught up with Dean Legge, the publisher of, to give Sun Devil fans an insight to ASU's next opponent.

How would you assess Georgia after its 2-1 start?

"Georgia's defense is allowing too many points, and the offense is being to lackluster with the possession of the football. The Bulldogs have not played a full game yet, and that has something do to with inexperience at critical positions - quarterback and running back being two of the most obvious."

What team aspect has surprised you the most and what aspect has been a disappointing surprise?

"Georgia's turnovers, which have resulted in almost half of the points allowed by the team, have been the biggest disappointment. Georgia's punter and place kicker, both sophomores, have been a pleasant surprise as it relates to place kicking as well as punting. Kickoffs, in general, have been an adventure."

The Bulldogs obviously had some huge holes to fill on offense with the losses of Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. After three games how successful has the offense been in replacing these two players?

"Georgia struggled during the first game of the season, but has had no problem scoring against SEC foes. Joe Cox threw a school-record five touchdowns against Arkansas, which pushed the Dawgs to 52 points against Arkansas. The Dawgs scored 42 points on a usually stout South Carolina defense. Scoring has not been a problem for Georgia."

Who are some of the key players for Georgia on both sides of the ball?

"Joe Cox at quarterback; A.J. Green at receiver; Clint Boling at offensive tackle; Rennie Curran at linebacker, Justin Houston at defensive end; Jeff Owens and Geno Atkins at defensive tackle."

Who has been the most surprising player so far for the Bulldogs?

"Probably punter Drew Bulter, who is punting the ball like a superstar consistently."

What has surprised you more - the amount of points the Bulldogs have been putting up this season or the amount of points it has given up?

"Neither. With the inexperience and youth in Athens, many important players are sophomores or younger, it does not surprise me that the team is very inconsistent. Still, there is enough skill on offense to put up big numbers. The question is if the defense will make the changes in personnel - that seems to be on the way."

It's been a very challenging schedule thus far for Georgia. In all honesty are they looking at the upcoming home game versus ASU as a reprieve?

"To some degree playing an out-of-conference foe at home is a break for Georgia. Playing ranked Oklahoma State on the road, and then a difficult game with South Carolina, followed up by a critical SEC fight in Fayetteville has been very grueling for Georgia. The Dawgs have been upset at home in previous Septembers, so that plus any lack of focus could mean for a long night for the Dawgs."

What are some of the keys for Georgia to win this game?

"If Georgia can run the ball, or even not turn the ball over this game should be an easy Georgia. But Georgia doesn't like to win easy - at least not in 2009 - so there is no telling what to expect."

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