Williams looks for redemption

After a disappointing performance during the season opener, Kyle Williams came out against Louisiana-Monroe to prove that his performance in week one was an aberration. The wide receivers dropped an unusual amount of passes against Idaho State, yet completely turned it around against the Warhawks in large part to the senior wideout.

"We kind of didn't want to focus on it too much because it's uncharacteristic of us anyways to drop passes so it was just a focus thing," Williams admitted. "You have to come out and focus more and do your job, that's all it was. It was a day of looking at film and seeing it and then the next day correcting it and it was over with."

Each receiver possesses different strengths and the Arizona State coaches recognize what Williams brings to the table. On the field, Williams often finds the soft spot in the defense and utilizes his speed to exploit it.

"Yeah that's how Coach Erickson's staff has worked it out," Williams said. "They give me a lot of options in there and just let me find a hole and get open and I love it. I love the freedom they give me in there and it just gives me and Danny (Sullivan) a chance to find the open spots and we're on the same page and so we get easier receptions that way"

The Sun Devils defeated the Warhawks 38-14 on Saturday. During the game, Williams attained career highs in both receptions (eight) and receiving yards (129). Determined to have a successful 2009 campaign, Williams is on his way to meeting that goal. Although personal success is important to the players, the senior puts his team's success first.

"I feel good about it but I feel better about the win," Williams commented. "That's the number one thing, especially after last year to take care of business these first two games and just get a couple wins under our belt. If those (career highs) come along with it, that's cool but if not, that's cool too. I just want the win."

Practice this week has naturally been focused on preparing for the upcoming matchup and analyzing the Bulldogs. Watching game film will enable the players to visualize the opponent's style of play, however the players always keep in mind that what they see on tape can be deceiving.

"Those teams are different, every game is different," noted Williams. "They can watch a lot of film on us that isn't really accurate. They're good, they're a real good team, they're fast and it's going to be a whole different kind of atmosphere. We have to go down there and bring our ‘A' game."

Last year with a poor showing against Georgia, Coach Erickson and his team are focused on avoiding a repeat performance. In order to be successful the Sun Devils will need to play a smooth game and gain control over the Bulldogs.

"We've got to move the ball," Williams remarked. "We've got to come down there; we've got to start fast. We kind of have to go right at their throat. There really is no room for error against Georgia. We have to go down there and make a statement early and we've got to maintain it the whole game."

Georgia will be the first ranked team ASU will have to face this season. Rankings do not seem to bother team, including Williams.

"No, not really because we already know they are a good team," the receiver said. "They could be non ranked or ranked number one we still have to bring our ‘A' game and play our game. We want to go out and play our own game."

Entering an environment that none of the current Sun Devils have ever played in before, the players are looking forward to the trip to Georgia. The team will enter a stadium full of rabid fans which leaves the possibility for many distractions. The Sun Devils will have to stay focused and use the atmosphere to come together and have a successful game.

"It's an SEC stadium," Williams commented. "None of us, nobody on the team has ever played in an SEC stadium. It will be different but a good kind of different, a good fun. Its good having about 85,000 people that hate you in there, it feels like it's you guys against the world and it really helps you band together and get in there and really fight for each other. Hopefully that works in our favor and we're going to go down there and get a ‘W."

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