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ATHENS, Ga. - Coach Erickson and his players discuss the 20-17 loss at Georgia

Head Coach Dennis Erickson

his thoughts on the defensive effort

"Pretty obvious. We played one the better offensive football teams in the country, at least statistically. Got three turnovers on the road – I don't think you can ask for anything more. It got us a chance to win the football game and didn't take advantage of it.

"Obviously our kicking game caught up with us a little bit, but we had chances. We didn't have to kick it. We have to be able to make plays. The biggest difference in the game is that they made a catch and we didn't, at the end of the game. That's what it kind of boiled down to. Defensively, I don't know if could play any better than we played. Offensively, we just died in the fourth quarter."

"It's just heartbreaking. To come this far, play like we did and not win a football game…I think about all the games I coached at Arizona State, even the big losses – this is the hardest one to take."

on the performance of Wenzig

"You can't put the (loss) on him. That kid made one and it's a tough spot. It (the fourth quarter kick) was kicked low. It happens. It wasn't anybody that came through free.

"When you are a good football team, which I think we are, and getting better, and you're playing a really good football team it comes down to making plays at the end of games. They made a play and we didn't."

on the play of Dimitri Nance

"He's a good player. You see his running and catching, but you don't see the blitz pick up and the things that he does. We have to get another guy or two to give him some rest. No question about that."

on the effect the rain had on Danny Sullivan's throwing

"I think early it's something that affected everybody. But he made some throws at the end that were good throws. The conditions were tough for both teams. We came out in the second half, really battled and did some good things."

On the injuries to the offensive linemen, starting with matt Hustad

"He has an MCL (injury). (Mike) Marcisz's shoulder came out. (Jon) Hargis' shoulder came out, and (Thomas) Altieri had a knee (injury). So at halftime it was ‘what's going to happen over here?' But they came back. Thomas came back and played. Hargis came back and played. I thought the offensive front came out and did some awfully good things."

On whether he will able to take some positives away from this game

"We felt we could win. That's why we came. We came out and played well. The biggest thing we got to do is to learn from this. We have a lot of games left, starting with the Pac-10 schedule next week against Oregon State. If we can get better from this game going into the league, then it was a positive. That it was the bottom line is."

Danny Sullivan

on how disheartening is it to be so close to a road win at an SEC team

"We take some positives out of this, but we didn't make the plays when we needed to. It's as simple as that. Sometimes when I was out there, the ball was sailing on me early under those wet conditions. I finally got in a rhythm in that 3rd quarter, but when it wasn't there I tried to throw it away. Things just weren't really clicking for us until the third quarter. We know we can move it on that defense, that's for sure."

"I thought I made some good throws tonight. Guys made some big plays. You have to be happy with Dimitri and how he ran the ball. People are going to find out that he's a really good running back. Our offensive line showed the country they are back too. Those are some positives, but we wanted to come out of here with a win and we were that close."

on the offensive line performance, which at one point had three starters sidelined.

"I've said it before that we can put anyone in there. But I didn't think that three guys at the same time would go. We rolled with the punches, took some good hits…We should have won this game."

on whether the rain in the first half caused the ball to slip out of his hand

"Yes, but it's unacceptable on my part. You still have to make the throws, it doesn't matter. I didn't play my best game and that's the worst part about it. I feel so bad for this team because the defense played so well. There are some plays that I should have made and didn't make."

Dimitri Nance

on this being his best game as a Sun Devil

"Yes. A couple of missed opportunities out there, but the O-Line they were blocking great today. I just followed them. There were some big holes out there. I just played my heart out on the field. It just came down to the last field goal."

on the offensive line play in light of missing three starters at one point

"We were on a roll and a couple of them got nicked up and that really hurt. But they fought through some pain and came back in. We were still able to move the ball a little bit. I really have to give it to the O-Line."

on getting in a good game rhythm with a lot of carries

"The more I get the ball the more I can read the defense and see how they are playing. So I think that helps out a lot.

"I'm a little nicked up, but that was conditioning is for. I worked real hard in the summer and my body is holding really good."

on building momentum from the good game he had last week

"I just wanted to come out with the same attitude I had last week. Build on that and every game just get better."

on how hard is it to take this loss

"It's real hard. We were there with them the whole time. Tough crowd, on the road, you couldn't really hear…we played really good. Just missed a couple of plays here and there. But I feel really good that we were able to come out there and compete with them like that."

on what was said during halftime when the team was down 14-3

"We felt like we could play with them. They just had some big plays that went up and we missed a couple of big plays. We just had to fix what we messed up on, and go out there like it was 0-0 game." on what his message to the fans would be after this loss

"Just see how hard we played. One big play just went the wrong way. We're still capable of winning big in the Pac-10 and we look forward to a good season."

Jarrell Holman

on the tough loss

"We let them come out too early to score two touchdowns at the beginning of the game," Holman noted. "The second half we came out pretty good and we just gave up the big play at the end when we needed a stop. I feel that both sides of the ball fought very hard. It's a tough one."

on the ups and down he experienced during the game giving up a big and making one with his touchdown

"At DB you're taught to have a short memory. I missed a tackle on one of the touchdowns - that was a big play. My (touchdown) was a big play. I always tell myself that my next play will be my best play. So with that, I forget the last play. If it's bad, if it's good, I have to do better."

describing his interception for a touchdown and his additional interception in the fourth quarter

"The interception for a touchdown – they were trying to do a seam route and I was over the top at safety. Ryan McFoy did a good job on coverage making their quarterback put some air on the ball and I came and when the play was presented to me I was ready.

"The other interception, they completed two corner routes on me with A.J. Green in the slot. He usually doesn't play the slot. I knew they thought I was going to play outside, and I knew that they were going to go to the post. They completed two times, and they're not going to complete three times. I knew they were going to try to beat me with the post and I made a play on the ball."

his general thoughts on the ASU defense

"We fly around, make plays. Our mentality is never quit. We need 11 guys on the ball every play. Everybody is buying into that. We have a great coach who puts in a great game plan every week. So we just try to buy into what they are giving us. We try to go out there and execute to the best of our abilities. We have great players."

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