Sullivan puts Georgia game behind him

Pac-10 play is about to begin for Danny Sullivan and the Sun Devils who need to put aside the heartbreak that still lingers from a 20-17 road loss to Georgia, and find a way to direct their attention to the Oregon State Beavers.

"I tried my hardest to get it out of my mind," Sullivan admitted. "But, it's so hard because we were so close and I didn't play very well. This week at practice, especially today I kind of got it out of my mind and as we get closer to Saturday it will be out of my mind completely. It's been tough but you learn to deal with it."

Sullivan's senior year doubles as his first season at starting quarterback. Thus his career has been an assortment of new experiences. The Sun Devil began with the with his first career start, followed by inaugural road game as a starter, and now he faces his first Pac-10 opponent as the first team signal caller.

"Its' cool, it's a lot of firsts," Sullivan said. "Its fun, I'm having fun this year, that's all that really matters. Our team will be alright this week, we're three games into it, and we've got some good games under our belts. Oregon State will be a tough challenge no matter what so it's going to be fun this week and hopefully we put on a good show."

The maroon and gold are now focused on a conference championship and this year's Pac-10 landscape may give them the opportunity to do so. Thus far the Pac-10 has been a collection of upsets, shaking up the conference and leaving its championship up for grabs.

"It's very wide open, that's for sure," the quarterback noted. "I think it's obvious to everyone and I think it's good to have that. Competition is going to be tough every single week, no matter what team we're playing and I think the Pac-10 has been waiting for that for some while. It's going to be good to see what happens this year."

Emphasis is put on the first game, which will be a testament to how the Sun Devils intend to handle the rest of their fellow Pac-10 competitors. Sullivan acknowledged the awareness his team needs to show.

"We already know," Sullivan stated. "We know that if you lose one game is going to be tough to dig yourself out of that hole. All these games are very important; this is where it really counts. During non-conference you can do whatever you want but conference play is when you keep seeing the same opponent and get things ready to go.

"It's huge. The first one is always the toughest and when you get past that you can start riding the wave going through the Pac-10. It will be a good start for us. Oregon State is a very good team, they've very disciplined. Coach Riley does a great job of preparing his team every single week and we just have to come out, focus on our assignments and get things done."

The Sun Devil wide receivers have struggled so far this season. The group opened the season with a plethora of dropped passes against Idaho State. During their third match up, against Georgia, the wide receivers again were unable to secure some of the balls thrown to them.

"They've had a rough stretch here," Sullivan commented. "They had a tough first game where they dropped a lot of balls and the second game they played pretty well but Saturday was tough on them and they're taking it to heart to get back to where they want to be.

"It's necessary for them to get back where they need to be and they will help us win games by doing that."

This week at practice Coach Erickson and the coach staff moved LeQuan Lewis from his cornerback position to join the wide receiver group and give it a different look. The transition has been a smooth one for the group as well as Sullivan.

"It's going good," Sullivan remarked. "He is learning the offense pretty well. He is lightening in a bottle, he is really quick and he can catch the ball and make big plays. We need that, especially if we're going to be putting a lot of guys out there and just rotating them in, so it will be good."

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