Q&A with Daniel Bejarano

There have been many heated recruiting wars between Arizona State and Arizona over in-state prospects and the latest one involves 2010 basketball prospect Daniel Bejarano. The four-star guard, nationally ranked 8th by Scout.com hosted the ASU staff on Sunday afternoon for an in-home visit. Devils Digest talked to Bejarano following that visit about his recruitment and timetable for a decision.

The 6-4 195 Daniel Bejarano chose Texas over Arizona State in October of last year. Over the summer he had second thoughts about his commitment to the Longhorns and last week he decided to rescind his pledge. This opened the door for the two Grand Canyon archrivals to pursue the shooting guard.

Bejarano had Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller for an in-home visit last Thursday and he will officially visit Tucson on Wednesday. Today, Arizona State Head Coach Herb Sendek and his assistants Dedrique Taylor and Lamont Smith spent nearly four hours visiting Bejarano, his mother, step father, and his North High School assistant coaches Ray Arvizu Jr. and Joseph Broderick.

Devils Digest: Daniel, please tell us about the in-home visit you had with the ASU coaches today.

Daniel Bejarano: "It went good. We obviously already have a relationship but they never visited my house before, and today they showed that they really cared about me and really wanted me. Even though I passed them up the first time they showed that they wanted me. That's all looking I was looking for. So that was good."

DD: You mentioned the past relationship with ASU coaches and you obviously met with them many times before. but how was today's meeting different?

DB: "It was different by them bringing facts and showing me how they run their offense. Showing me how many points they score per game not only in the Pac-10, but nationally. I really have never studied that or received that information before today. They showed me what players they will have on the team and who are they looking at. That's some other stuff I never looked at.

"Style of play is a big thing and that's why I didn't choose them and chose Texas. Now they showed me that they can play a style that fits my skills. One question I asked them was ‘if I get a rebound do I have to get it to a point guard and then go or if I just get the rebound and go will I get in trouble for that?' They told me ‘of course you won't get in trouble for that.' That's what I like to do and I want to be in a style of play that I like."

"They showed me the style of play on both offense and defense and they also invited me to watch practice, so they can see what they mean when they say when they play up tempo. I'm planning to go down there and check out."

DD: What else stood out to you from the visit?

DB: "Just them being there, showing that they want me. That was there the biggest part."

DD: So are you planning to come to ASU for an official visit or just to watch practice?

DB: "I'm definitely going to come and watch practice and I'm planning to take an official there too. I've obviously been there before, and I saw the practice facility and it was outstanding, but I never been there for an official visit before, so I'm going to try and schedule one maybe the weekend of the 16th when they start practice."

DD: When do you think you will make a decision?

DB: "Every day I'm thinking about the information that is given to me by both schools and I'm still doing my homework. I want to make my choice soon so I can start my senior season with this off my back. There was a lot of coaches, before I committed to Texas, talking to me and calling me and I tried to be respectful and talk to everyone. But it was a lot."

DD: Would it be fair to say right now that your decision is definitely coming down to ASU and Arizona, or is there still a chance that you will go out of state to play?

DB: "Right now it's just between those two schools and it will stay like that because I want to stay in-state. Right now out of state isn't even in my mind. Right now it's 50-50 between both schools. U of A came with it, but ASU came right after and came with it. So it's even and it's a hard choice. I want to make the best decision for me and what will make me happy."

DD: Is there any chance you will commit to any school right after your official visit to Arizona?

DB: "I'm doing it evenly, so I never have to go back in my mind and say that I didn't give both schools a fair chance. I want to make the best choice, I have to equally give both schools a chance, and in the end I'm going to like one school more than the other. But right now I like them equally. They're both bringing it."

DD: Does it seem like the decision is harder for you this time around compared to this time last year when you committed to Texas?

DB: "It's way harder now. I don't want this to take longer, but I also want to make my decision with the best information I have. I need to get as much information as I can on both schools."

DD: Aside from style of play, what other factors will you take in consideration with your decision?

DB: "Bonding with the coaches. I really haven't had that much of that with the U of A coaches. At the same time they are making a great impression. You have to have great teammates if you want to win. I want to be a team player and help others get better. Going to the NBA is a dream of mine and I hope to go there after playing one or two years in college, but at the same time I want to leave a good impression to the coaching staff, the fans, to everyone."

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