Erickson confident in team's resiliency

Still distraught by the loss to Oregon State last Saturday, Coach Erickson and his team are again trying to find a way to most past it and focus on the next eight games of the season. A truly disappointing performance and outcome against the Beavers has left the Sun Devils reevaluating their football team.

"We will rebound, we will," Coach Erickson stated confidently. "We have too much leadership in this team to not rebound. We have too much senior leadership to not rebound; we have too much character not to rebound. We will."

The loss on Saturday cannot be attributed to the one aspect of the game that is taking the most heat, the quarterback position. Danny Sullivan struggled against the Beavers and was visibly distressed following the defeat. The senior has taken the brunt of the scrutiny, and his head coach commented that there is much blame to go around.

"That's why I say you can't just take one thing and say ‘boom, this is why we lost'," Erickson stated. "There are a lot of different things, mistakes, turnovers, penalties; I can go on and on. We got two roughing penalties that were critical and you can't have that happen, you can't drop a punt or a snap at the beginning of the game, you can't fumble the ball when you're going in, those things can't happen.

To Oregon State's credit, they played pretty error free. They had a plan and they were going to eat the clock up, they made four big plays which was the difference in the ball game, so you have to give them credit too. We all reevaluate ourselves but again after today and I understand the questions I've been around this a long time but after today it's behind us we have to get ready for Washington State."

Coach Erickson also confirmed the fact that his senior quarterback will maintain his starting position for the time being. He explained that the loss cannot be solely blamed on the weak performance by Sullivan; therefore he will still lead the Sun Devils this week against Washington State.

"After evaluating it, Danny did some awfully good things for us," Erickson noted. "He threw it pretty successfully, he managed the game pretty well, turned it over once time which he hasn't done. Danny Sullivan didn't lose the football game by any means. Everybody was involved in that starting with everybody on our football team. For whatever reason we weren't ready to play like I thought we would be. It's disappointing more than anything but I look at it as a team loss.

Nonetheless, Erickson also said that he is open to the idea of playing Sullivan's backup, Brock Osweiler, if the situation warranted it. He added that this decision will only be made later this week.

"But I have decided that Danny will be the starter," Erickson noted, "he did nothing in that game that would take away from him being the starter."

After the heartbreak loss against Georgia most anticipated that the maroon and gold would have some momentum and that their performance would reflect that. Now fans question which team they will see against Washington State.

"We will know more tomorrow," Erickson said. "Obviously it was a very subdued group here yesterday when we met and watched the tape of the game. There were some good performances by individual players but as a team in all areas, offense, defense, special teams, it wasn't what we needed. They know it as a team. You get 12 opportunities a year and you have to take advantage of those opportunities. If you let them go by they're gone and this one is gone. It's disappointing, we're disappointed buts it's over now, and we have 8 football games left.

"It hurts, it still hurts but you can't sit around and worry about it you have to make corrections. The players have to make corrections and try not to let this happen again basically."

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