Osweiler excited for his opportunity

Not many visiting players are giddy to travel to Pullman, Wash. but ASU quarterback Brock Osweiler told Devils Digest that he is full of anticipation for his team's game at Washington State, and for good reasons. For starters, he will have 50 family members and friends at the game. Just as important, is the fact that the true freshman stands a very good chance to make his Pac-10 debut on Saturday.

Osweiler claimed that his approach to the game preparation process this week, hasn't been any different than the previous four games, despite the fact that he stands to play in his first league game in front of some of his biggest fans.

"Since the season has started I came out and prepared like I was the guy," Brock Osweiler stated. "That's what you got to do as a backup. You're always one play away from being that guy and running the show. This week nothing has changed. I think both Danny (Sullivan) and I had a great week of practice so far along with the rest of the team. I think we'll be ready to in Pullman and I'm really looking forward to it."

Some may have thought that Osweiler's inaugural pac-10 match should have against Oregon State last Saturday. When Danny Sullivan struggled against the Beavers, chants of ‘we want Brock!' were heard throughout Sun Devil stadium.

"To hear a reaction like that from our crowd it tough," Osweiler claimed. "It puts me in a tough position. What those people don't understand is that Danny has poured his heart and soul into the team. He's been the leader here, it's his fourth year…every ounce of effort that you can put into a program – he has. He goes out there every week and prepares his hardest, puts this team in the best position to win games. Right now we're a couple of inches away from completing big plays and exploding as an offense.

"To hear the reactions of the crowd gets me a little excited, but at the same time Danny is one of my great friends and we are all going to support him. We're gonna get through this. As a football team we are doing everything we can to produce wins and put points on the board."

Osweiler admitted that it has been a challenge for he and his teammates to bounce back right away after the 28-17 Oregon State loss, but he feels that the team's psyche has improved since last weekend and it has been showing in the last couple of days.

"When we came back to practice on Tuesday," Osweiler commented, "All of our mindsets have been correct. Great attitudes and great effort in practice. I think this was one of our best weeks of practicing since day one of camp. So I think this will give us a lot of momentum in Pullman."

The quarterback added the Cougars, despite their 1-4 record, play fundamentally sound defense that will require nothing short of the Sun Devils' best effort on offense. "Anytime you let down," Osweiler remarked, "thinking a team is not as good as you, that's when you get bit in the butt.

"I think that they are a solid football team and it will be a good game."

Being five hours from his hometown of Kalispell, Mont. Will certainly give the signal caller that memorable northwest feeling this weekend and he admitted that "it will be nice to be back in that cold weather a little bit." Osweiler hasn't played in Arizona State's past two games, thus he's naturally eager to see the field again, let alone in front of some familiar faces.

"I've learned a lot since (the season opener versus) Idaho State," Osweiler said. "As a true freshman every week there's so much to learn. I have had both ears wide open since day one and I'm taking in as much as I can. I think I have really progressed as far as being a quarterback in the classroom and really understanding our offense, and what we are trying to do against specific defenses in certain situations.

"When my time comes, whenever it is, I think I'm ready to handle this team and put us in a good position. I‘m excited to get up there and show people what I can do and hopefully get a win."

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