Players' availability uncertain for this week

The Sun Devils' on the field preparation for Saturday's game against Washington is complete, but a few question marks on who will be ready to play still remain.

After turning the ball over six times last Saturday against Washington State, the Sun Devils needed a good week of practice to ensure the same thing doesn't happen against a stronger opponent in Washington because this time they may not be as lucky.

"I think we've had a good practice," Erickson stated. "When you look and you see where you're at physically and you know who is going to play and who isn't going to play then you just concentrate on who's playing and that's what we've done.

(Garth) Gerhart is not gonna play so somebody else is going to have to step up, that's just how it is. Chris (McGaha) may play, but he's been sick all week. You just go with what you've got, and we've got a lot of depth here, that's why they're all here on scholarship, and it's an exciting time for us. We're a lot better than we've played and hopefully we can show that on Saturday."

Gerhart has been sidelined with turf toe, and when asked if his replacement will be Brent Good Erickson quickly responded, "yes" and added that the walk-on may split time with seldom used player.

"(Adam) Tello has gotten better and better all the time," Erickson pointed out. "I'm very proud of how he's improved because he was on scout team three weeks ago. He started here a year ago, so he's really stepped up and we got him in the right position at guard, so I'm excited about some of the things he's doing so they'll both play (Good and Tello)."

Though Gerhart and McGaha are two big offensive weapons who still remain as question marks for the Sun Devils, an even bigger offensive impact player who may play is placekicker Thomas Weber.

"We'll wait and see what he's (Weber) doing," Erickson said. "He looks fairly good. He's just trying to get back in kicking shape, but he's not 100 percent by any means, he's about 60-70 percent. He's kicked pretty good when he's had chances, but Bobby (Wenzig) has kicked it better than he ever has, I mean he comes out and gets one kick out there and hits a 50-yarder."

Erickson also mentioned that even if Weber is healthy enough to kick, Bobby Wenzig will still maintain his kick-off duties because Weber's leg isn't strong enough yet.

Washington's improvement from last year and their victory over USC earlier this year has a lot of people skeptical as to how Saturday's game will turn out. One thing is for sure, the Sun Devils give themselves a better chance to compete if they can minimize their turnovers, and continue to play defense like they have.

One player that if held down can make the Devils' chance of winning much greater is 6'3'' junior quarterback Jake Locker. Locker has thrown for 1,423 yards this season to go along with his 10 touchdowns and four interceptions. Locker appears to be playing his way into a high first round selection for the NFL draft whenever he decides to leave, and if he has a big game, the Sun Devils could be looking at another home Pac-10 loss.

One question that will be on all Sun Devil fans' minds for Saturday is how much will true freshman quarterback Brock Osweiler play after starter Danny Sullivan threw three interceptions against Washington State. Even coach Erickson isn't completely sure yet how it will play out.

"He'll play some, but I don't know when. As I've mentioned many times, it kind of depends on what's going on. I wish I could give you an answer."

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