Media Day Q&A: Eric Boateng

ASU's starting center Eric Boateng talked about the upcoming season on the team's Media Day.

Q: What is it like for you this season knowing that this is your last year here?

A: "It's just a situation where that all of us have spent all summer working towards this year, and I'm just looking forward to leading the team to victories."

Q: Is there a different feel for you knowing that your role will be much larger?

A: "I approach everything the same, just working, trying to prepare myself the best. Obviously being one of the three seniors on this team we're trying our best to show the freshmen although they are doing a great job."

Q: Do you think you will surprise some people?

A: "We'll have to wait and see on that one. I'm just excited for practice. This is what we worked all summer for. It's going to be good to finally go live and take steps towards the season."

Q: What do you feel that you improved on from last season?

A: "I'm just trying to improve on everything, to not have weaknesses. Offensively, working on my fundamentals, shooting, post moves, conditioning…all that stuff that will come into play during a game."

Q: What has your evolution been physically from the beginning of your college career until now?

A: "I'm definitely stronger. (Strength and Conditioning) Coach Weiner has done a great job of preparing us. The off-season has been grueling in terms of lifting and all that. We're just ready to see that pay dividends throughout the year."

Q: Can you talk about the benefits of having the Weatherup center?

A: "It's available to us 24/7 and it's just amazing."

Q: Before the Weatherup center was built was it challenging to find a place to work out?

A: "We would find ways to make it work. But sometimes it (Wells Fargo Arena) might have been overbooked. But now that we have our own facility we can shoot whenever we feel the itch to. It's pretty cool."

Q: What's the latest hour of the day that you went to shoot around?

A: "Probably 8 pm."

Q: Coach Sendek said that you're an easy guy to root for. Do feel like you're a crowd favorite, feeling maybe a little more love from the crowd?

A: "If people love me that's great. I have love for them. It's nothing that I shy away from, it's great that people feel that way."

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