Thursday's Erickson's Post-Practice Quotes

Arizona State head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media following the Sun Devils' last practice leading up to their home game versus Cal this week.

Q: What is your evaluation of the week?

DE: "It's been a good week. We got an opportunity, that's how we look at it. We didn't play well last week, that's over and done with and we're sitting where we're at. We're playing a good football team coming in here to our stadium and our guys are excited about playing, I know they are too. It's been a good week, we'll see what happens."

Q: Do you feel the defense has done what they need to do to rebound?

DE: "It looks like it in practice but I mean who knows. You don't know anything about it until that thing kicks off Saturday but we've had a good week at practice. We've been mentally in it and there has been a lot of energy out here so it will be exciting to see how we play."

Q: How are the players handling the change in climate?

DE: "I think they kind of like it. The change in climate from yesterday to today isn't a big change but I know they noticed when it was cold yesterday, I know I did. But they dealt with it."

Q: Do the players get more excited when the game is on national television?

DE: "All college football players, all football players in general love to be on TV, that's what it's all about. We've been on TV quite a bit this year already but it's an ABC game so we're excited about that. More importantly we just have to win."

Q: Can you talk about the progress of the last year's offensive line compared to this year's offensive line?

DE: "We're better. We took a couple steps back last week; we'd been playing very well. Hopefully we can step back up this week but we've got a change now at center so that is going to be something new for us but we've dealt with things like that before."

Q: How eager is the defense going to be to prove themselves again especially against a good running back like Best?

DE: "Well, we better be ready to go against that guy because the thing about Best is if he gets a crease then he is gone. Toby (Gerhart), he would run all over you and punish you and stuff like that but this guy can fly. He won the state 100 meter in the state of California, that's pretty fast."

Q: With two straight weeks of Vontaze Burfict getting personal foul calls, has he changed his mindset going into this week?

DE: "That's a fine line. He had two last week but one of them was because of the kicking game that had nothing to do with anything and the other one was close. He knows what he can and can't do but you don't want to take away the enthusiasm that he has either."

Q: Kyle Williams was running around well today.

DE: "Yeah, Kyle is ready to go. That's the best he has looked in a long time, so he will be ready to go."

Q: What about Omar?

DE: "Omar will not play and neither will Altieri."

Q: Kerry Taylor?

DE: "Kerry Taylor is questionable but I don't know for sure on him."

Q: In regard of the wide receivers it looks like (Jamal) Miles and (T.J.) Simpson are continuing to improve.

DE: "Oh yeah, they're becoming better players. Jamal, we just threw him in there two weeks ago; he's involved in a lot of things, kickoff return, punt return and some of the other things we do offensively. T.J, as I said before, has had a good year so far playing all the different positions."

Q: Do you just go by feel in the quarterback situation?

DE: "It's Danny's show. We'll see what happens."

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