Adams making strides

In a season where ASU has had many true freshmen come in and contribute in big ways, defensive tackle Corey Adams has flown under the radar.

Adams has played in all seven games this season for the Sun Devil defense, and though he only has four tackles on the year, he has played a big role providing depth, and playing hard when he does get in.

Adams started fall camp off slow, but has picked up the pace and has been playing at a high level since the season started. When asked what has been the cause of the progression, Adams points to coaching.

"Coach Stretz, the assistant coaches that we've got work with you everyday, and if they see something they make you do it again," Adams pointed out. "They really pushed me a lot, they have great expectations for me and they let me know that. They get after me at times and I understand it's all business at the end of the day, and they're here to make me better and they're doing it. I'm just gonna keep doing what they tell me.

"What playing time I do get I'm very appreciative of it. I understand it doesn't happen to everybody, but to just keep getting better everyday in practice, especially in the games and try to showcase what I have against people besides scout team or my other teammates."

Many true freshmen come in and struggle, and although this hasn't seemed true based on the performances of the Sun Devil newcomers so far, Adam still admits that it's been a tough transition.

"I think the biggest adjustment at first was just the speed," Adams explained. "It's starting to slow down now, but on the daily thing it's just the balance of school and football, that's the biggest thing because in high school you could get away with it but it's definitely a load doing both now. Even right now I'm still trying to play catch-up on some things, and just keep straight on all my school work and football, it's hard, but I'm doing a pretty good job at it."

Still, Adams knows he must continue to improve week and in and week out, and he has some good teachers in some of the veteran players on the defensive line to learn from.

"I think my quickness and my hands are getting a lot better," Adams mentioned, "and just pad leverage. I just had a lot of bad habits coming out of high school and for the most part they're (the coaches) fixing them, and if they haven't been fixed yet, they are getting lot better.

"If the coaches aren't helping me with something, they (the veterans) are helping me. Either at the drill, after the drill, during practice, in film, and even when we're out away from football. They are just telling me things they know. They see stuff that they did also, issues with hands and pad leverage, the same things I'm getting done right now; pretty much any problem they had that I have now they are doing their best to help me fix it."

For the ASU defense to fix the mistakes it made last week against Stanford it will take an effort from all involved, including the young Adams who thinks last week's terrible performance was more the exception than the rule for this group.

"I guess you can say a fluke, it was a bad night," Adams admitted. "I guess it happens, but the whole thing is we're trying to be a great team, and we have to understand that great teams don't have bad nights, you have to play good no matter what adversities you're facing. It happened and it was bad, and we just have to use that as motivation to keep striving where we were before and to play as we should everyday."

The Sun Devil defense will try to pull some tricks on Cal on all Hallows Eve this Saturday, maybe even try some disguises. When asked what costume he may don for Saturday, Adams wasn't quite sure.

"I was going to be Jackie Moon from Semi-pro," Adams said with a smile, "but the costume was way too small. I think I'm gonna be a marine with a padded shirt with muscles and some cut-off camouflage shorts and see what I can do there."

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