Carr anticipates more opportunities

Saturday's game again Cal will be etched in the memory of Deveron Carr for quite a long time. The redshirt freshman entered the game late in the first quarter when starter Pierre Singfield left the field due to an injury. The young defensive back was given the opportunity to remain in the game, participating in a total of sixty-four plays throughout the contest.

"Well at first when they threw me out there I was nervous but when they ran the reverse to my side and I made the tackle, I felt pretty good," Carr recalled. "I started feeling confident in myself because I never really made any plays and I remember my coach saying, ‘just do your job and make the plays that come to you' so I was excited that I made that play. From there on, I just played with confidence."

Head Coach Dennis Erickson and his staff made the decision to continue throughout the game with Carr as their guy, despite a healthy Singfield. Carr, using his own willpower, fought through his nerves to make the most of the unforeseen opportunity.

"I was really surprised," Carr admitted about his playing time last week. "Even my parents were surprised, the one game they didn't come to, and I played 64 plays. I was thinking ‘wow, I'm really playing in this game' and I didn't want them to take the opportunity away from me so I pretty much gave it my all, tried to make the plays that came to my side and I just played and did my job."

After proving his abilities on the field, Coach Erickson was extremely pleased with the young Sun Devil's performance.

"I thought he played very well," Erickson commented regarding Carr's performance. "He played with no fear, he came out, and he got up and bumped them. He's a heck of an athlete. The thing with Deveron is that he's never played it's taken him a little while to pick up the techniques, because athletically and speed wise he's got all that so we decided to play him on the corner when we recruited him and it's taken him a while but he's gotten better in the last month.

"You can just see a tremendous improvement. He's tough and so when Pierre got hurt we put him in. Coach Bray decided to put him in and we kept him in because he played pretty well, which is a pleasant surprise because [Cal] has some pretty good receivers and like I said he showed no fear."

The redshirt freshman implemented the knowledge and observations from the entire season and translated it into a successful performance against the Golden Bears. Carr ended the game with two solo tackles, and one assist and has now begun taking first-team reps at practice.

"I'm not going to lie," the athlete stated. "This year I didn't expect it but at the end of the day, I worked hard. I guess I'm earning it now."

Carr has undergone a transition from his high school duties at running back, to playing on the other side of the ball at cornerback. Not an easy task, as the athlete has had to make a number of adjustments in his game and has been guided along the way by his fellow Sun Devils.

"Coach Burns and his assistant, and Omar Bolden in my ear coaching me and out here I'm just studying and watching and learning," Carr said. "Pretty much, when I got in, trying to make plays, giving it my all, giving it 110% and after that I guess I was just transferred over to being good enough to play in the game."

One of the fastest players on the maroon and gold roster, Carr runs a 4.34 40-yard dash and yet has found that his speed is not the most important aspect to be successful executing his new duties.

"Playing corner, your speed has a lot to do with it," the freshman admitted. "But most of all if you work on your technique you should be okay. Your technique is one of the most important things when playing the corner and then your speed just helps out a lot, but at the end of the day its 100% technique."

Expecting to make another appearance for the Sun Devils this Saturday against the USC Trojans, Carr is already looking forward to having his family in attendance while he takes the field in hopes of limiting the USC offense.

"Watching film, USC is the spotlight team, the big team, but I'm not scared or anything," Carr said. "I'm just going to go and play, transfer my knowledge from what I learned about SC out here on the practice field to the game field. I feel like I should be successful."

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