Erickson's Post-Practice Q&A

ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media after Thursday's practice as the Sun Devils wind down their preparations for their upcoming game against USC.

Q: Do you have the Trojans all figured out?

DE: "It's a great opportunity of us; I mean our players are looking forward to it. I don't think there is any better way to get ready after a loss we had than to play a team like USC. They got our attention from day one, and we'll see what happens on Saturday but it's exciting. Our players are excited to play, but do we have them figured out? No. They are just as athletic, they're the same as I've seen however long Pete (Carroll) has been there."

Q: You know Pete will use all the tricks he can to re-motivate his team.

DE: "Oh, I wouldn't expect anything else. It's like I tell our guys, I can't worry about what they are doing. Everybody says they're going to be mad, so what? We're going to do what we're going to do and let's worry about Arizona State. I already know what they're going to give us; I have to worry about what we're going to give."

Q: Everyone says this is going to be a revenge game for USC, how eager are your players to get out there?

DE: "Our guys are just excited about playing USC, it's just as I said. We lost last week, we're playing USC this week, and it's big for our players. Anytime you play USC it's a big game, that's why they have a lot of big games every year because everyone is ready to play them. It's exciting for us to play a program like that at home. We're getting better every week and if we can get better this week then I think we have a chance to win."

Q: Can you talk about USC's rushing attack?

DE: "They have about three that (running backs) they use, McKnight is their main guy and he is a speed guy, he can take it to the house (Jahvid) like Best that way. Then they have two other backs that they play quite a bit too, so you will see three, sometimes you'll see four that they will bring in for different situations and they use them in different situations. Their thing is their offensive front, they have a great offensive line, some seniors and some juniors that have played for a long so that's the best offensive line we've seen without a question."

Q: Defensively, USC has seemed a little vulnerable this year, what are you going do offensively?

DE: "We're just going to do what we do, I'd like to say we can run Oregon's offense, but I don't think we can do that. I think everybody in the country wants to do that, they're going to be pretty busy during the spring. We're just going to try to keep it balanced, the thing about USC, you can't get in 3rd and long or 2nd and long against them because their athletic ability in the front, their pass rushing. So you like to keep yourself out of that if you can, we have to be able to run the football with some ability, try to keep them off guard and throw it off of that. Their defense is young but at times they play as well as any USC defense. Like everybody said, they are obviously had a lot of points scored last week on them so I'm sure they're going to be ready to prove people wrong."

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