ASU QB's enter unfamiliar roles

A bicep injury to Danny Sullivan not only all but ruled him out for the Oregon game, but also elevated Samson Szakacsy for the first time in his ASU career to the role of backup signal caller.

Samson Szakacsy has been throwing the ball the best he has since probably spring practice and it's no surprise that this is all tied to the improved health of his elbow.

"I've been trying to get healthier," Szakacsy said. "I was throwing pretty good this week. Still a little pain in there and it's just something that I will have to fight through. It's gonna be that way. I'll take a couple of Ibuprofen and go from there.

"(The elbow) is definitely holding up better than it has and that's definitely exciting. We'll see what happens."

The sophomore claimed that he didn't have any more "bounce in his step" this week being promoted to the no. 2 quarterback, because he's already excited about the opportunity to run "those goal line plays…I'm always ready to go in there. It's exciting. I hope that Brock (Osweiler) does really well. I‘m excited for him. It's a great opportunity as a freshman to go in there to Autzen in a hostile environment and get your first start.

"If something happens where I need to go in, then I'll go in and do what I can to help out."

Szakacsy cited Osweiler's composure and maturity, a sentiment shared by Danny Sullivan who for the first time this year, will likely not see the field on Saturday due to a bicep injury. The senior doesn't know when in last Saturday's game did that injury occur and commented that at the beginning of Tuesday's practice it started hurting and consequently he wasn't able to throw the ball all week.

"It (the injury) is kind of freaking me out a little bit," Sullivan acknowledged. "We'll probably know more in the next couple of days. I never experienced anything like this and it's killing me right now. So my focus is now helping the two young guys get ready for this weekend and help them in anything they need."

The senior said that while he will take satisfaction in helping his fellow quarterbacks succeed, he is also aiming for his own achievement and that is healing in time so he can finish out his senior year on the field.

"I'm trying to get rehab every day," Sullivan stated. "Making sure that any moment that I can get in I'm getting in. Hopefully one day my arm is feeling better so I can get out there."

Sullivan noted that the camaraderie among the quarterbacks is coming in handy during this depth chart shuffle.

"We all have a good relationship," Sullivan said. "It's kind of weird. It's a great quarterback year for us relationship wise. It's going to be good for us in the long run."

In terms of advice for Osweiler, Sullivan has suggested the true freshman "just relax…have fun out there. Trust what you see. You've been doing all along what got you here. Be yourself and don't change when the game starts."

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