QB shuffle highlights practice

As practice came to a close on Tuesday, only one thing was on everyone's mind, the quarterbacks…well except for Gerell Robinson who began yelling how Coach Erickson is guaranteeing a win this Saturday.

Quick to dispel that rumor Erickson responded with a laugh, "Joe Namath is the last guy I ever heard of guarantee anything."

With Brock Osweiler starting in place of Danny Sullivan last Saturday, and the superb play of Samson Szakacsy is relief of Osweiler, the Sun Devils now have a football team equivalent of a love-triangle on their hands. The situation becomes even more interesting considering all three quarterbacks aren't 100 percent healthy.

"Brock is sore, Danny isn't quite 100 percent, but he's getting close," Erickson pointed out. "They all three practiced so that's the good thing. Samson got most of the reps with the ones, but Danny got some.

"I'm gonna give him (Szakacsy) some turns because he really hasn't had many turns with that first group ever. They'll split turns (Szakacsy and Sullivan) with the ones but he'll get turns so he can get used to dealing with them because he hasn't dealt with them, so if we make a decision to start him he's ready to go."

Erickson went on to add that Szakacsy's elbow is "pretty good," after having his heaviest throwing load in a few years.

So the question still remains, who will start?

"I don't know," Erickson said, "it depends on what side of the coach I wake up on in the morning."

"I don't know, I might not make it (the decision) till Saturday."

One group that plays a role in how the quarterback performs, whoever that may be, is the wide outs, who to this point in the season have not performed up to the high expectations they received going into the season. Erickson had only on word to describe the group.

"Inconsistent," Erickson declared. "We've had some really good games and we've had some games where we drop balls. Chris McGaha is having a really good year, and Kyle (Williams) when he's been healthy has really made some plays for us. We've just got to be more consistent with the other guys. Kerry has been hurt off and on; Gerell has been hurt off and on. Jamal Miles when we've played him there has done a pretty good job, and we lost T.J. so obviously that affected us some.

"A lot of it has to do with protection, throwing, and all those different things, but I'd hope that we'd stay healthy as a group, that's probably the biggest surprise of all is that we've had guys banged up off and on, so that's kind of been the biggest thing." Freshman Jamal Miles was moved to the slot position earlier in the year from running back, but saw some time in the backfield once again today.

"We've just doing a few things," Erickson said of Miles, "that's probably where he'll end up next spring. We're kind of evaluating that so we're playing him there just to see."

With only two games remaining and the team sitting on four wins, they will need to win both to be bowl eligible. A situation they found themselves in last season, only to lose to the Arizona Wildcats in the final game of the year, falling a game short.

"Our focus is good," Erickson noted. "It's like I told them, we have a two-game season, so we'll go down to win that football game and come back for that one against Arizona and we'll see what happens, but it's a two game season for us. Our kids have a lot of pride, they've practiced hard and very good today so we'll go down and play as hard as we can play."

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