Status quo at QB depth chart

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson hasn't officially announced who his starting signal caller will be this weekend. Nonetheless, the quarterback hierarchy in terms of repetitions hasn't changed from Tuesday. Thus, Samson Szakacsy continued to take snaps with the starters, while Danny Sullivan practiced with the second team.

"I'll let you know sometime later this week," replied Erickson when asked if he has decided yet on who is starting QB will be when the Sun Devils face UCLA in the Rose Bowl on Saturday. "It's either going to be Samson or Danny, one of the two."

Erickson said that there was no strategic reason as to why he hasn't made an official announcement. "To be honest, I don't think UCLA is too worried about who's playing quarterback for us," Erickson commented.

The Sun Devil skipper said that he didn't believe that Sullivan's bicep injury hasn't totally healed and it's a factor that will go into his decision. "He's throwing (the ball) OK," Erickson explained, "but not throwing it like he can."

Erickson added that the starter last week, Brock Osweiler, is healthy after suffering a forearm injury at Oregon, but that his inexperience has regulated him this week to third string.

"I just felt that if we were to start Samson, because of Danny's experience he could step up if something happens," Erickson remarked, "without having practiced a lot. That's how I am looking at it."

The ASU Head Coach noted that Szakacsy has practiced very well thus far and that he hasn't suffered any setbacks due to his elbow injury.

"He's smart, he understands what's going on," Erickson said of the sophomore. "He gets the ball out quick. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

"It (Szakacsy's elbow) has been fine. I don't think it's 100 percent by any means but it's closer to what it was in the spring. Early in the season he could not have played even if he wanted to."

One of Szakacsy's biggest strengths is his mobility, yet Erickson doesn't believe, even with the limited playing time the signal caller has seen, that he has the proverbial ‘happy feet' where he scrambles when he should be passing.

"In the spring I didn't see that," Erickson commented. "I saw him step up, run and throw the ball down the football field. All the information I got is the half that he has played against Oregon. He did (run) because he had to a few times in the game."

Starting tailback Dimitri Nance also felt that Szakacsy has performed well in practice this week, and that the signal caller has confidence after latest outing. He joked that the signal caller takes away from some of his carries, but knows that his mobility naturally does help the offense.

"If you might slip up," Nance said concerning pass protection," You know that he might be able to make something happen."

As a senior Nance feels a sense of urgency to finish the year on a positive note, which would equate to winning the last two games and finishing with a 6-6 record.

"Our backs are against the wall," Nance acknowledged. "We have to win two games to become bowl eligible. So everybody is going to go out there and play hard. We have been playing hard but fell short and I think everybody is trying to win these next two games so we have another game.

"We just have to execute. We've been shooting ourselves in the foot. I know the defense will play well and we (the offense) need to do our jobs."

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