Senior wideouts finishing strong

Saturday's game against the Wildcats may be meaningless as far as post-season aspirations go, but for senior wide receivers Chris McGaha and Kyle Williams the meaning goes much further than a bowl game.

At 4-7, 2-6 in conference play, ASU's season hasn't turned out like many had hoped, and for the seniors, Saturday's game is a last chance to leave behind the Maroon and Gold on a positive note. Both players have a good chance to be playing on Sunday, and leave behind productive careers at ASU.

"That's the most important thing on my plate right now," Williams said, "it's the most important thing, period. We have to get a victory, and that's the bottom line. We have to salvage what was of our season and what could be of our season, and to kind of go out on a high note as seniors because it's been a rough one, it's been a roller coaster ride, a lot of close games that we should've pulled out. It would be bitter sweet to end your career, but to end it on a good note.

"We know what the circumstances are. We know that we're not going to get into a bowl game at this point in time. We've dug ourselves into that hole, so we've got a one-game-season right now and this is the most important game of the year and to go out with a win would mean just that. It was a win, a win against U of A, and that's enough for this week. It's the most important game, we're going to treat it as such and we're going to be ready to play."

"You always want to beat U of A," McGaha (pictured) pointed out, "they're our rival, and it would be nice to go out with a win. As a team we have nothing to lose, why not just go out, play hard, and get the victory."

The ASU/U of A rivalry is an intense one, and for the time being U of A has the bragging rights after trouncing ASU last year in Tucson. With McGaha coming out of Moon Valley in Phoenix, and Williams out of Chaparral in Scottsdale, one would expect the two to know their stuff when it comes to this rivalry, but oddly that isn't the case.

"I didn't grow up too much around it," Williams admitted. "I was out in Chicago until my junior year of high school, but I got a little perspective because my brother did go to U of A, he played baseball for a couple years over there, so it's hard to think about I was rooting for my brother wearing the red and blue, but what I've come to learn from it, and what I've come to expect from it is hard hitting football game, it's gonna be physical, and it's personal, it really is. At this point I've been in it for four years and there's not too many good feelings I have about those guys down there and I'm sure their feelings are reciprocated, but it's a rivalry, and it's a good rivalry, and that's what you expect from a good rivalry, and that's what college football is all about."

"Really not too much," McGaha declared. "I really didn't pay attention to college football growing up. I do know what this game means to the fans and what it means to each school and I know that it's a very important game to a lot of people."

The ASU offense has struggled all season, and U of A's defense is more than capable of giving them problems. Their defense was able to shut down Oregon's high-powered offense for the majority of the game until the Ducks turned it on in the end to win.

"Oregon is a great team first of all," Williams explained. "They put up points against everybody. Arizona's defense is good. They've been able to shut some teams down and win some good games this year, and their secondary is pretty good, they got a guy Devin Ross over there who's a hell of a player, and they're gonna be good, but we've got to go out and we've got to do us. We've got to be at the top of our game as has been the whole season.

"Our defense is going to come to play and like I've said before it's about time our offense did. There's been a lack of that all season so it's time for us to step up. You know it's never too late, it's never too late to go out there, show what you're capable of, and get a win."

Still, the rivalry is big for the two wideouts, and the maroon and gold will always hold a place in their hearts just as they should always be remembered by the Sun Devil faithful.

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