Glasser, Devils get back to winning ways

After facing two tough competitors, resulting in back-to-back losses, Derek Glasser and the Sun Devils were able to secure a win this afternoon against the Delaware State Hornets. The uneven matchup resulted in a 76-34 victory for Arizona State and enabled Coach Sendek to incorporate several freshmen from the bench.

"It feels good to get a win," Glasser commented. "They came in here and played hard but I think we were just the better team tonight. We came out early and that's what we wanted to do. They hit a couple threes before the first media timeout but after that we kind of went on a big run there. They played hard; we just were the better team tonight."

The guard has acquired a solid reputation while wearing the maroon and gold. Glasser will soon beat the ASU men's basketball record for assists. With 59 assists this season alone, Glasser only needs six more to set a new school record.

"It's a tremendous accomplishment when you consider being first in the school history for anything, and then you take in account all the really good players that have worn the uniform here at Arizona State. It's especially gratifying when you consider how much he has improved.

"I'm very proud of him for (his) tremendous improvement. It's really a hallmark for our program. Arguably nobody has made as much improvement and progress as Derek and that's something we are really proud of. He's has had terrific career and I certainly expect him to finish strong."

Another standout during tonight's match up was freshman Victor Rudd. Rudd missed the first 10 weeks as he awaited clearance from the NCAA, yet hasn't missed a beat since he was able to step onto the court. Taking the court for a total of 13 minutes, Rudd put 15 points on the board for the Sun Devils.

"Vic was a highly talented player coming in but for a player to miss the first 10 weeks of practice," Glasser said. "He's not just going to come out and be Michael Jordan. It takes time to adjust to the offense and adjust to us and actually play basketball again because he wasn't even allowed to practice with us so it's not like he was able to stay in game shape and keep his flow going. For him to start getting it going now is good timing with conference coming up. I hope this is the first big game of many for him this season."

"His shooting struggled early only because he didn't take good shots. Tonight he was taking open ones, guys found him and he knocked them down. If he can get open looks and just play within himself and not try to force things, then he will get a lot more minutes."

The transition from high school to college takes time for most freshmen, including standout Demetrius Walker.

"If he can understand that if he is on the court for longer minutes then he is going to score just as many points rather than playing for two minutes and shooting five times. If he plays fifteen minutes and shoots five times, he's going to score the same amount of points. Once they understand to play within themselves they're going to play a lot more minutes, I think. Because they bring a dimension to our team that we lack and that's the athleticism. Demetrius, out of the guard spot, really rebounds the ball."

With the development of the younger athletes, Sendek and his unit will be able to develop a rotation with their guards, giving Glasser and McMillan more opportunities to rest throughout the matchup. Gaining experience in a competition like against Delaware State will only result in a better Sun Devil's basketball team.

"I don't know if it makes it tougher," Glasser admitted. "I think that, I myself am not going to have to play as many minutes, Jamelle is not going to have to play as many minutes. I think we become a better team if they are able to do that and help us out instead of trying to showboat and go to the basket and throw stuff up. AS long as they play within themselves they are very good and talented players."

Sendek will now prepare his team to host San Diego State next Saturday at Wells Fargo Arena. The matchup with come in the last stretch of non-conference games before Arizona State enters Pac-10 competition, which made today's victory even more valuable.

"We just wanted to get the taste out of our mouth," Glasser stated. "The tough loss at home, we let Baylor get away and going on the road to BYU and them just getting on us early. Once again, it was another game we weren't able to make the shot down the stretch and they were able to put us away those two games.

"This was a game that we needed. We played fairly well. I think we have a big week of preparation coming up; San Diego State is going to be just like TCU. They're in the same conference as BYU and we play New Mexico in the scrimmage, so we know the conference very well and we're expecting a very competitive, good game next Saturday."

Glasser hopes his team will use the next few games to enhance their team and go confidently into Pac-10 play.

"We're getting there," Glasser commented. "I don't think we're where we wanted to be. I think we're close, through these next few games we'll be able to iron out all the kinks and get ready for conference play."

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