Taylor thriving in new offensive scheme

Wide receiver, Kerry Taylor, an Arizona native is about to begin his last season as a Sun Devil. As a week of spring practice has already passed, the senior showcased his talent during Saturday's scrimmage, with three catches for 64 yards, and has been of the bright spots during ASU's spring sessions. Overall, he's on track to make his last year in Tempe a memorable one.

"It (the scrimmage) was a learning experience," said Taylor. "We're all still trying to get on the same page with the offense. It's going pretty good right now. We've got to keep coming out and working every day and keep getting better and better.

"The defense we go against every day is only going to make us better in the long run. As long as we keep working and all stay on the same page with a common goal, we'll be fine."

Upon the arrival of new offensive coordinator, Noel Mazzone, the maroon and gold have revamped their offense into a more up tempo and spread out scheme than previous years. With the changes still new to the team, players are slowly finding their place in the new offense. Taylor is confident that as the learning process continues his team will thrive.

"I like it a lot," Taylor commented on the new scheme. "They're going to use me in a lot more ways than they did last year, try to get the ball in my hands more in space and let me make plays after the catch and stuff. I'm liking it a lot so as long as we continue to put in more stuff and get better at what we're doing, it will be a good season."

Along with the new offensive system new faces have been added to the wide receivers group. George Bell is a JC transfer that has already been able to make his mark in the spring. Aaron Pflugrad and J.J. Holliday join the unit after sitting out last season. In just the first week of spring practice, all those players have elevated the talent and competition level of this unit.

Taylor acknowledges the value of healthy rivalry on the team, which only motivates him more to be more productive on the field.

"Anytime someone new comes in , it's always new competition," Taylor stated. "So you've got to stay on your game and continue to get better and keep pushing. Anyone, any day, can come in and take your spot so you have to keep working and keep your spot. Go out and keep making plays, don't make mistakes and get better every day."

As a senior, Taylor agreed that there is a sense of urgency for him finish his maroon and gold tenure on a high note.

"Yeah, you always want to go out with a bang," Taylor said. "Your senior year is your last year, it's do or die. You want to go out and have a good year but you never put pressure on yourself, you just want to go out and have fun and play the game.

"You know how to play the game so just go out and make plays and it will happen for you."

Being a hometown player has it advantages and disadvantages, especially when the team is struggling, like they did in 2009 season. The former Chandler Hamilton star is quite familiar with both sides.

"It definitely helps having your family there," Taylor commented. "But then sometimes it stinks being in the hometown because when your year is not going so good everybody wants to come talk to you because everyone in the state knows who you are. It has its pluses and its minuses.

"Hopefully this year we'll get back on the winning side and it will be all good."

Last year left many people disappointed with the performance of what was a highly regarded wide receivers corps. This unit came up short during several games, leaving many fans believing they were the most underachieving group in 2009.

"I wouldn't say it was all on the wide receivers," Taylor said. "I think a lot of it was about the schemes and the offensive plays that we were running last year. I don't think that the receivers were put in a good position to make plays and be successful.

"This year we have the right offensive schemes and a bigger variety of plays to have a more successful season."

Aside from new players, the Wide receivers also welcomed a new position coach - Steve Broussard. The former NFL player joined the maroon and gold with the intent to demand the best out of his unit. His efforts have been welcomed by the team as they all face a sense of urgency to avoid a repeat of the 2009 season.

"I like him," Taylor said. "He's a guy that he's either going to make you or break you. He's a more in your face, yelling type of guy. He will either make you great or make you quit, it's one of the two. You just have to stay focused every day.

"When he yells at you, it means he cares about you and he wants you to be great, he wants you to get better. I guess when he stops yelling at you, that's when you should be worried."

The Sun Devils have high hopes for the 2010 season and are eager to erase the memories of a 4-8 campaign. With the return of an impressive defensive group and drastic changes to the offensive scheme, Taylor is excited about the prospects of his team and looks forward to a successful senior season.

"My senior season, I just want to get to a BCS bowl game," Taylor remarked. "I really feel like with this team this year and the changes that we've made, we can go undefeated this year and go to the national championship.

"That's my main goal. Personal goals are to just go out and play the best I can every game and the stats will take care of itself."

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