Wednesday's post-practice quotes

Coach Erickson talked about the 3-4 defensive alignment and other topics after Wednesday's session.

On the 30 (i.e.3-4) front the team started running yesterday

"We spent some time studying it in the off-season. A lot of it is going to be third down (situations). However, we feel like with our depth at linebacker that we can into the 30 front at any time. So there a couple of ways we are looking at it."

On whether this defensive is geared against spread offense teams?

"Yes, because you rush three and you can drop eight and move people out, as opposed to having to drop a lineman. It gives you a little better blitz package. It's a change up for us. Something that just creates problems. It's hard for us because protections are different, because you have both guards uncovered at all times. The thing about that is that you don't where they are coming from. It's a little bit harder to read the blitz."

On going back and forth between the 4-3 and 3-4 alignments

"The thing you have to make sure defensively is that you don't overcomplicate things. Today we went back to our basic defense and it's as good as we played in about three or four days. We put a lot of stuff in; you saw some confusion, some long passes because of broken coverages, not necessarily someone beating somebody. That happens when you put new stuff in. Today we pretty much went back to our basic stuff and played pretty solid."

On whether the 3-4 lessens the burden on players such as Vontaze Burfict who can maybe gets lost in coverage or does it change anything responsibility wise?

"No…normally you are going to bring a fourth guy. You don't know who it is. Very seldom are you going to rush three, unless it's a third down package and like I said you rush three drop eight and create some problems. We can play the (3-4) as a regular down because the linebackers are the strength of our football team."

On Burfict's progression

"He's getting better. He's learning more, playing a lot smarter than he did a year ago. He's more mature."

On how hard is for a full throttle player like Burfict to control his aggression

"Once you learn it it's easy. A lot of great players plays with a lot of enthusiasm and don't get penalties. Those guys have to learn how to play and not hurt the team. But their enthusiasm makes a lot of difference. You don't want to ever lose that, just control it. He feeds off Shelly (Lyons), Brandon (Magee)…he feeds off Munnsy (Gerald Munns). Munnsy is having as god of a spring s anybody. You got him and Vontaze playing in the same position and now you can play them at the same time in the 30."

On which offensive players have really improved since last year

"Obviously, Gerell Robinson improved – there's no question about it. I see our offensive front improve, (Jon) Hargis, (Garth) Gerhart, are so much better now then even two years ago. All those offensive front guys improved and that's where it really jumps out."

On the play of Jarrid Bryant

"He's getting better. He's a guy down the road…he won't play a lot this next year. But he's a tall (receiver) who's an athlete. With the depth we have you hope you see a guy like him improve all the time."

On the play of LeQuan Lewis

"LeQuan is really playing well. He has a lot of god given talent. He's really talented and can run. There's a guy that really has improved too."

On how Thomas Weber is bouncing back from last year's injury

"He's kicking well when we had the opportunity to kick. We didn't kick today but yesterday he kicked it very well. To have a guy like that, I said this after he got hurt; you don't know what you lose until he gets hurt. You look at last fall in the game he wasn't there, and even in the games that he was back he wasn't a true weapon. When you have a guy like him it makes a big difference in how you call games, how you deal with field position. He's full strength now."

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