Thursday's post-practice quotes

Arizona State Head Coach Dennis Erickson discussed the state of his team as spring practice winds down, as well as the spring game on Saturday.

Q: Going in to the spring game, is the team where you think they need to be?

DE: "I like where we're at. You wont know until the fall but I feel good about where we're at. We have a lot of improvement to make, there's no question about it but Saturday is fun and we'll see where we're at in a game-like situation and where we've improved offensively and defensively.

"We'll have some guys back who have been injured but I just want to see them go out and play hard, that's the bottom line. Regardless of what happens Saturday, we've made a lot of improvement on both sides of the football. I think offensively where we are at, the confidence we have as an offensive football team, what we're doing and how we're executing is better than it's been. Our front has been playing better than it has even though we've had some injuries but sometimes you learn and get guys going because of that.

"Defensively we're running around and doing what I expected. I expected us to be where we're at so we'll see what happens. We'll fly around Saturday and have some fun. All this is preparation to be better than what people think we are. We weren't picked to be very good but I think we'll be a little bit better than people think so it will be fun to see where we are at."

Q: Can you give us an idea of who won't play on Saturday?

DE: "Let's start in the offensive front, (Jon) Hargis won't play, (Adam) Tello won't play, (Patrick) Jamison will play from what I see. Jamison was really the only questionable, the other guys have been out for the year. George (Bell) looked pretty good today running around, that's probably the old, game-time decision thing but he looked pretty good today, same with AJ Pickens. Cameron Marshall should be able to go.

"Defensively, LeQuan (Lewis) of course is out. Shelly (Lyons) will be here, Brandon Magee I think will have a chance to play, that kind of depends on how is concussion goes but it looks like he will."

Q: Can you talk about the format for Saturday?

DE: "We don't have enough offensive lineman to have two teams, that's one of the reasons (for the format) but even before that, with what we're doing offensively with the no huddle and the substitution and the number of different guys you need to really execute what we want to execute and to see where we're at, we have to do it that way.

"It's just a way of having 1's against 1's all the time or having 2's against 1's, you don't know. It kind of gives you more of a simulation of a game having substitutions and so forth offensively. That's the main reason that we're doing it.

"With the point system, I've done it before and it usually ends up pretty even depending on what happens so we'll go four, 12-minute quarters with the clock, not running the clock but using the clock. I haven't done it in a long so I'm anxious to see what its like. It's just the best way for us to get something out of it."

Q: Do you think the guys prefer this way?

DE: "I think they will enjoy the substituting and being involved in a game-type situation on both sides of the ball where you can substitute freely like you would in a game. Defensively we're going to play seven or eight front guys and that's what we'll do in this game because if you split them up you're playing 4 guys all the time because of the numbers."

Q: What will you do with Brock (Osweiler) and Steven (Threet)?

DE: "Just alternate them, maybe after a couple series. They will both be with the 1's and the 2's so we'll just get a good look at them in a game-type situation."

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