Hundley getting close to narrowing down list

Very few in-state prospects have received the same amount of recruiting attention as Brett Hundley has. With 18 offers in hand, fighting to get the attention of the Chandler High School quarterback has naturally been a challenge for his suitors. Nonetheless, the hometown Sun Devils have been making inroads with Hundley and he talked to Devils Digest about his recruiting with ASU.

"Things are going great with Arizona State and they are doing a good job recruiting me," said the 6-4 217 Brett Hundley. "When I had my unofficial there I met with Coach Mazzone and he is a really cool guy. I really enjoyed talking to him and Coach Erickson. The scheme Coach Mazzone is running there is pretty sweet. I like an upbeat offense and it's nice when you have an offense that the quarterback can really take control of the ball, see what he sees and call it on the field. I know this offense would fit me well if I came there.

"With the great defense they already have I think this offense is going to be better and come through for them. I expect ASU to have a better year."

There is certainly no stone left unturned ensuring Hundley gets all the pertinent information concerning Arizona State, and his Wolves' teammate Taylor Walstad, who will be an incoming freshman with the maroon and gold this season is certainly doing his part.

"He's always in my ear about Arizona State," Hundley stated. "He's a good friend and we always talk about ASU. He tells me a lot of stuff about the program and he is real big on telling me what ASU is doing and how they are doing it."

The Chandler standout is the prototypical dual-threat signal caller. He collected approximately 1,700 yards passing and 1,200 yards rushing as a junior. He threw for 16 touchdowns and registered just two interceptions. Early in his recruitment it seemed that some programs were going to recruit him as an athlete but with time that notion has literally become non-existent.

"That's the big thing for me this off-season is getting better as a quarterback," Hundley explained. "I know there are some people out there think I should play a different position in college and if you don't know me and my game I can see how you would think that. But I know I can be a good quarterback and that's why I'm working hard so I can show that to everybody.

"I think I have a very strong arm and I'm fast for this position (reports a 4.65 40-time). Footwork is something I'm really working on now. We start spring ball next week so I'm just getting ready for that."

Not only is Hundley excited to showcase his skills in spring practice, but he is also eager for the upcoming season where he fully expects the Wolves to improve on the 9-4 record they posted in the 2009 campaign.

"I think we are looking very good for this year," Hundley remarked. "We are working out now on our own and already looking like we are full stride, and we are still waiting on some players to finish up track season. I'm very excited for this year."

The Chandler quarterback has already visited Arizona, Stanford, Colorado, and Texas A&M. He's scheduled to visit both Los Angeles schools in June or July and participate in the prestigious Steve Clarkson quarterback camp later this month. The amount of recruiting interest Hundley is receiving can be viewed as overwhelming, but he is managing to cope with all of it quite well.

"I can't complain about it and I'm just making the most out of it," Hundley said. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. All the schools recruiting me are on an even playing field and no one stands out right now.

"This summer I plan to narrow it down some, but I don't know how many schools I will narrow it down to. Playing close to home or playing away doesn't matter. I'm going to play in the situation that fits me the best. Academics, the type of football program and the conference they play in are the main aspects I will consider before making a decision.

"I don't know when I will make a decision, but it will probably be after taking a few official trips. But when I make my decision I will stick with it."

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