Falahola confident in team's prospects

He is one of the less vocal players on the team, but never mistake Saia Falahola's silent personality for lack of confidence in himself and the Sun Devil squad.

We caught up with the 6-1 300 Saia Falahola after the team's first scrimmage. It was a session where the defensive tackle and his line mates continually harassed quarterback Brock Osweiler and effectively halted the running game. After a few days where the defense had less than stellar practice, the senior was naturally happy with the defense's performance.

"It was a good scrimmage for us," Falahola said. "We had some fresh legs and we are pretty excited in the way we played. Everybody did their job today, playing hard and flying around. We did struggle a little on tackling but we will fix that in the weeks to come. But as far as our overall performance we did pretty well."

The defensive line, especially the defensive tackle position is one that returns a lot of players with experience. Falahola acknowledged that this can definitely translate into a strong starting point for a group that will undoubtedly set the tone for the entire defense.

"I'm very confident about the D-Line and the defense period," Falahola stated. "When it comes to our D-Line we are a bunch of brothers that have been together three, four years so that gives us that much more confidence to go out there and playing for each other's back."

Last season Falahola, who started 11 of 12 games, led the team with 7.5 tackles for loss and was second to fellow defensive tackle Lawrence Guy with 4 sacks. The defensive tackle is far from complacent with that performance and actually listed that aspect of the game as the one he would like to work on the most thus year.

"Something we can always work on in pass rush and working up field," Falahola commented. "That's always a hard thing to do when you transition from run game to pass game."

Like any senior on the team. Falahola is disappointed in the last two seasons and yearns to duplicate the feats achieved in his freshman campaign where the team finished the season 10-3 and was the Pac-10 co-champions. This only heightens the natural sense of urgency that already exists in every player as they prepare for their last go-around of college football.

"The story here at Arizona State hasn't been too well the last couple of years," Falahola said, "and I'm trying to change that and see this program excel. I think that what we have today, with our defense and our offense coming together I really think we will change things around this season."

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