Down the stretch improvement is noticeable

With the majority of fall camp under their belts, the Sun Devils spent another morning in the Verde Dickey Dome utilizing their time to showcase an ever improving offensive unit.

"Well we've had, what is it, 17 practices so, that's a spring ball plus," head coach Dennis Erickson said. "We've made a lot of improvement. Definitely we've made great improvement and of course we had a good spring. But offensively I think is where the biggest improvements have been made as far as learning the new things we're doing offensively, getting the ball out and doing things like that. It's fun to watch because we've got a little more speed then we've had offensively."

The question still remains as to which quarterback will separate himself from the group and earn the starting position for the Sun Devils, but as a whole each player has shown their ability to adapt to the new fast-paced offense implemented by offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone. Each of the quarterbacks had their moments during today's session, but only time will tell who will ultimately earn the starting job.

"Well, all of them are really (picking up the offense)…Steven (Threet) and Brock (Osweiler) and Sam (Szakacsy)," Erickson commented. "And he (Threet) ran something similar when he was at Michigan really so he understands it. They've just got to get better all the time. Like I told them today, we're still missing too many things. We're going to miss throws, that's a natural thing but we're missing too many reads right now that need to get better at."

Erickson made the decision to sit out Samson Szakacsy the second half of practice as a precautionary measure. Szakacsy was experiencing fatigue in his arm and elbow but reported no pain.

"His arm and is elbow was tired," Erickson noted. "There was no pain, I told him to take it off. I saw him throw at the beginning, I mean he's throwing it better than he ever has and it was a little tired so I said, just take the day off and come back tomorrow. It's not like a pain type of thing like he's had before."

A healthy Thomas Weber reminded everyone of his impressive abilities as a kicker. After going 5 for 6 and completing a 47-yard field goal during today's session, Weber has proven that despite sitting out the majority of the 2009 season, he still has it.

"As I said many times, you don't know how important they are until you don't have them, we found that out last year," Erickson admitted. "He is going to be a real weapon for us. I mean anytime you get inside the 40 yard line you've got a chance so that's real important and how we game plan and some of the things we do."

Freshman running back, Deantre Lewis has caught the attention of many during his performance at fall camp. The newcomer has already earned the respect of his fellow teammates as a valuable asset to the unit. While camp continues, Lewis also continues to improve and understand his position.

"He has been a real pleasant surprise," Erickson said. "He is very talented, great ability as far as being strong and fast. Obviously he's got a lot of things to learn but he's picking it up he's a very smart guy. He will have a tremendous impact on our football team this year, is the way I see it right now."

Returning after two separate injuries, Corey Adams has made his presence known during the last two days of camp.

"Corey is finally back healthy," Erickson noted. "He had the back (injury) and his back has been alright and then he had the concussion. Finally he's back now and the last two days he's practiced real well. So it's good to see him back and that gives us five tackles inside that can really help us."

The changes to the offensive scheme have yielded adjustments to the role of each position. Previously used mainly to block, the tight ends are finding their role drastically changing into a more athletic position, increasing speed and focusing more on route running. Chris Coyle is one of those players that has taken the adjustments and utilized it to its fullest.

"Chris had a good camp too," Erickson said. "He's a warrior. Every time somebody is not in there he goes in. He makes a lot of catches, I mean he's good at tight end and obviously when we split them out, he's a wide receiver playing tight end basically. We can do a lot of things with him."

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