Erickson pleased with team's camp performance

ASU head coach addressed the media following the Sun Devils' last two-a-day practices.

On the end of two-a-days

"That was short and sweet. We got a lot done during two-a-days and we start school tomorrow so it's been a good camp. I'm happy with where we're at on both sides, done some good evaluation of players and tomorrow we get back on our regular schedule for the rest of the year. That's one thing I like about school starting early, you can start the schedule now before you ever play your first game. The other situation, you get a little more time maybe but that week when you start school is really a hard week. Like I said, it's been a good camp."

On Samson's arm's health

"He threw some. He is the only one that can judge that, I have trouble judging, as I said earlier it's not the pain, it gets tired. He hasn't thrown as much as the others, he didn't throw all summer like those other guys. He was throwing a lot of balls so it gets tired and I assume after Saturday and we get a couple of days off he'll come back."

On Toa Tuitea's injury

"It's his elbow. It's the same thing he hurt in the spring. It's back in, its not, I would like to think that he may be at the scrimmage on Saturday but for sure he'll be back next week."

On pass rushing from the defensive ends

"(James) Brooks is a heck of a pass rusher and (Jamaar) Jarrett is getting a heck of a lot better. Jamarr Robinson, to me, is one of the best rushers we have he just hasn't gotten the opportunity to prove it other than in practice. He is kind of a guy people don't know about if you're just watching and thinking about what happened last year but he's really a good pass rusher. Junior has got great quickness, he's a guy you could put in for a pass situation, and he's a good pass rusher. So I think we'll be fine, I really do."

On if true freshman Junior Onyeali will play this year

"We'll see as time goes on. We've talked about it but we've just got to see how he continues to improve but like I said, his quickness and speed outside on the edge could be pretty valuable for us. We haven't made the decision but if we did, it would be that kind of a situation."

On Gerald Munns

"He has got great respect from his teammates. He has worked hard, he's been here for about 500 years and I mean this is his 6th year, people know what he's been through, the players love how he plays and practices. So when a guy has that kind of respect when he makes a play there's a lot of excitement on the sideline and like you said, he doesn't say hardly anything.

"He's been through a lot. People don't realize that there are a lot of these guys that go through a heck of a lot of things. There are a lot of challenges, we all know and he's been through some things but to have him back and to see what he did. Obviously he's pretty well known, he's a great guy to have, he's a quiet leader, like I said. He's a good football player."

On his assessment on how the new offense being implemented

"It's going really well, I mean you don't find out until you start playing games but I am happy with the progress that we've made and what we've got in. We've got a good plan, we know what we want to get done we just have to execute it. It's a little simpler than it looks and Noel (Mazzone) has done a good job putting it in with the offense and our running game seems to be a little better with it."

On today's short practice

"This is our last two a day, we went real hard this morning so we just came out in shorts for about an hour and ten minutes. Got some team in and it was good and crisp then it was the end of two-a-days."

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