Q&A with Coach Steve Broussard

Filling the shoes of former wide receivers coach Eric Yarber was a job that figured to be difficult when he left for Tampa Bay. Yet, current coach Steve Broussard has quickly implemented his stamp on this group, which figures to be much improved from last season.

DD: How would you assess this group of receivers at this point in the pre-season?

SB: "We're coming along. They are making good strides in the run blocking game down field. We've still got more work to do and we've got five more practices to clean it up, so right now from last spring till now we've made some great jumps."

DD: How have the guys picked up Coach Mazzone's new offense so far?

SB: "They're picking it up fairly well. It's like night and day; they're understanding the tempo so we're doing well at that."

DD: This group is noticeably more physical than last year. How have the players responded to this new mindset?

SB: "For the most part they've responded to it, which is good. We've just got to continue to grind and that's my job is to get them to buy into what we expect and what we want, and to try to come out on a daily basis and do it."

DD: Does the physicality fit your coaching style?

SB: "Just a little bit. I like to think I'm firm fair and flexible. At the same time that comes from the individual who has to want to do it and want to do it on a consistent basis and it's my job to try to get them to buy into it and do it on daily basis and that's what we need."

DD: A lot of times, JC guys have somewhat of a true freshmen learning curve. Talk about Mike Willie and how has he adjusted to Division-I Football?

SB: "The pace of the game he's probably not used to and just coming in day in and day out grinding was an adjustment for him. He wasn't in the best of shape coming in, so I think he's getting into shape now and having to process things quickly I think is an adjustment that he's picked up fairly well."

DD: Kerry Taylor has really emerged this fall camp, to what do you attribute that?

SB: "Him just coming in and setting his own self aside and him saying ‘hey I want to come in here and do what I can,' and just buying in to where we as a staff and a team want to go. We need seven or eight receivers to step up and not just two or three guys are going to be the guy. As you can see we spread the ball around a little bit and guys have got to be selfless."

DD: How has Pflugrad and G-rob rebounded from their early fall injuries?

SB: "Pflugrad is coming along. G-Rob is a little slow because he came out a little bit too quick and re-aggravate it which set him back a week or so he's coming along at this point and hopefully we have him back this week."

DD: T.J. Simpson and J.J. Holliday don't receive as much recognition as some of the other receivers, but absolutely pull their weight in this group. Where do you see them fitting in this season?

SB: "T.J. has done a great job coming off of ankle surgery. Coming off that he's done better than I expected. He flies around and runs great routes, he's doing a good job. J.J., he's still got to learn a little more body control, but he's a high effort guy, you love his energy and he's picking up things fairly well and I think he's a guy that's going to be able to help us possibly."

DD: With the season opener quickly approaching, what do you want to really work on in these last few practices before September 4th?

SB: "I think executing a little bit better with our splits and our alignment and just the little things. We need to clean up the attention to detail things and then continue to play hard."

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