Q&A with Coach Greg Burns

Devils Digest caught up with ASU's cornerbacks coach after Wednesday's practice

DD: How would you assess where the cornerbacks groups at this point of pre-season camp?

GB: "For the most part they're doing pretty good. We have a solid four right now. They're consistent. A lot to improve on still but they're doing pretty good."

DD: While the defense always gets talked about as being dominant, sometimes the corners are left out of the discussion. Is that a rallying point for the group?

GB: "Nope, none of that matters to me. I truly believe we have a solid defense. We'll apply to that defense and they know that their goal is to do their part."

DD: What challenges does the new look offense present?

GB: "It's multiple and it gives us a lot of new things schematically. We're becoming a faster quicker team on the run and a lot has to do with the offense and how they're communicating."

DD: How has Omar Bolden become a leader of this defense?

GB: "He's done everything that someone who would be listed as a captain would have to do. He's a hard worker, he leads by example and he's basically everything a leader should be."

DD: Deveron Carr was injured late in the year and wasn't fully healthy in spring. Can you talk about his improvement?

GB: "Deveron has made a tremendous improvement from all the things he's had to learn. Obviously, he wasn't a corner initially per se. He worked himself into being a really solid corner. He's doing a good job and he's going to be a consistent contributor. Right now he's a starter and it should probably stick that way."

DD: Are you worried about potentially losing Alden Darby to safety?

GB: "I'm not worried about it. The bottom line is that our goal is to get the best players on the field and if we have to move positions to do so we won't hesitate."

DD: What will you work on with the cornerbacks over the next 10 days before the season opener?

GB: "Consistency and a lot of the minor details. Consistency with footwork and coverage and then detail in regards to technique."

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