Gonzaga press conference quotes

SALT LAKE CITY--The Bulldogs may be relieved to be invited, but they aren't content. Gonzaga knows it has to play hard to beat the Bearcats.

Mark Few on Cincinnati
"I view them as the way I view any Bob Huggins coached team. I think you know exactly what you're going to get. You're going to get a very physical, tough, aggressive team that's going to be really tough to score on and will compete on the glass. No matter if the parts change, that stays the same with his clubs. He gets his teams to play so darn hard."

Few on what style to play against the Bearcats
"I think this year's team can play a variety of different ways. In some instances, we might be better in kind of a blast it and brawl and wrestle type scenario. When you get into a game with Cincinnati, you have to be prepared to battle each and every possession. We also like to play fast. We like to get up and down the court and we like to spread the floor out and open you up with some threes and then attack you inside. Shot selection will be huge and the ability to take care of the basketball will be huge. The physical presence that we bring is going to be key."

Corey Violette on the possible war with Iraq
"The things that are going on in the world, especially in Iraq, are of far greater importance than the game of basketball. Our hearts are with our troops over there, but our minds are still on the game.

Blake Stepp on the Iraq situation
"Everybody's thinking of what's going on. What's going to happen? We're not sure right now, but we still have to concentrate on the game. We have things we have to do but at the back of our mind it's all so small compared to what's going on in the rest of the world"

Stepp on their at-large berth
"It feels great to know we're getting a lot more respect. In our non-conference schedule, having teams open up their gyms and having us travel to play tough teams is one of the biggest keys."

Ronny Turiaf on the Bulldogs
It's great to be on a team that has accomplished so much…Our coach has done a great job giving us a good non-conference schedule and allowing is to play such good teams like Georgia, NC State and I think we have a good reputation right now.


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