Creighton Press Conference

SALT LAKE CITY- Creighton University coach Dana Altman, and star forward Kyle Korver took the opportunity to talk with the media after the team's Wednesday afternoon practice in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Head Coach Dana Altman

Regarding the team being a "favorite" this year after being an "underdog" in the past:

I really don't say anything different to my team than any other year. Central Michigan is as good a basketball team as we've faced in any of the first rounds the last four years, whether it be Louisville, Auburn, Iowa, or Florida last year. I sincerely believe that Central is as talented and will be as tough for us to match up as any of those teams. I'm not sure if they listen to me, ever, but that's what I've told them. It's been tougher to educate the media in our area about this being a very good basketball team. It's no different than any of the other four years – when we went into each of those games thinking that we were going to win; it didn't matter what our seed was. And I'm sure Central is coming into this game thinking that they are going to win.

Regarding whether his team is looking ahead to a big-name opponent like Duke in the second round:

I sure hope not (the team is looking ahead). We have addressed it because the media in our area have talked about Duke so much. I've just told our team that there will be no Saturday unless we get focused on Thursday. I hope that our players are mature enough and have enough experience that it won't be a problem for us.

Regarding Kyle Korver's past NCAA Championship performances and possible adjustments this year:

As a freshman it was tough on him because we had a lot of our offense geared for him. As a sophomore he got a lot of good looks, just didn't get it down. Last year he shot it okay. We got him some looks and played okay offensively. He's played well on the boards in all the games and he's done all the other things. His shot hasn't gone down for him like it has at certain times during the season. WE won't change our attack. We'll try to get Kyle some shots, and hopefully Kyle will do a good job in picking and choosing his opportunities and won't try to force anything. He's been very efficient all year and I don't see ny reason for that to change during the tournament.

Kyle Korver

On past NCAA performances:

I don't know if you plan on doing anything differently, you just hope they (shots) go in. I didn't shoot very well in my first two tournaments my freshman and sophomore year. Last year I thought I was a little better and hopefully this year I'll get a little better still. You can't really plan on shooting the ball well.

On playing seven foot tall players, i.e., CMU's Chris Kaman:

Seven-footers are pretty rare. You don't really find a whole lot, especially in the (Missouri) Valley. He's got skills and he's really good. I don't think there is many like him out in the nation, let alone the conferences that we've been playing.

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