Colorado State Press Conference Quotes

SALT LAKE CITY--Unlike the other teams in this region, the Rams are familiar with the Huntsman Center from their battles in the Mountain West Conference. The Rams won the conference tournament and now have the daunting task of facing Duke.

Coach Dale Layer on the Huntsman Center
"It certainly helps us to have been here a couple of weeks ago and to have beaten the Utes. I don't know if it outweighs the number of All-Americans they (Duke) have. Familiarity does help, but we are going to need to add to that list a lot more to counteract the Blue Devil's talent and coaching."

Matt Nelson on his eye injury
"I'm still sore and swollen, but I can see. I'm alright."

Nelson on the way the Rams have played
"We were losing close games, that were like two or three points. We turned it around and started winning the close games and beating the teams we were losing those games to before."

Brian Greene on the team
"All season we knew we had a team with enough talent to get here. The win over Utah in the Huntsman Center helped us a lot. It gave us a lot of confidence to beat a ranked team on the road."

Andy Birley on Coach Layer
"Coach Layer is a fighter. He pushed us and made us work harder. He wouldn't let us pack it in. He knew we would achieve this and make it to the NCAA Tournament."

Birley on facing the Blue Devils
"We feel like we can play with them. Obviously we'll have to play our best game of the year."


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