Central Mighigan University Press Conference

SALT LAKE CITY – Central Michigan head coach Jay Smith and his team spent time answering the media's questions after their Wednesday afternoon practice. They touched on a variety of concepts including first round opponent Creighton, as well as the significance of the impending war in Iraq.

Head Coach Jay Smith

On the situation in Iraq:

I think it's one that is on everybody's mind. Part of my day is spent reading and watching jut to try and stay up with the current events and what's going on with our soldiers over there and what's going to happen There's also part of me that's getting geared up to play this game, so my day is split a little bit but I do try to follow that. It's alarming and concerning.

On the importance of good shooting:

Obviously when you go on the road and play at a neutral site, I think defense and rebounding are two things you are going to be able to take with you. We've had our lulls (shooting) at different times, and I think Creighton has also, where it doesn't fall for you, so obviously you have to depend on your rebounding and defending and hopefully that will show up tomorrow.


On preparing for Creighton's press defense:

We're pressed in our league like they probably have been pressed in their league, but we pick up the pressure too in the full court so we work against it everyday in practice. It's a different stage right now. Little things like keeping the floor spread and attacking it; we've done our research on it and feel comfortable with our guys making decisions.

J.R. Wallace

On the team's long layover prior to their arrival in Salt Lake:

It was pretty good for us. We got another day off to get our legs. We just hung out in the airport yesterday, got here, watched a little bit of film then went straight to bed. We got up today, practiced and my legs felt fine.

On the team's defensive strategy against Kyle Korver:

We have to keep the ball out of his hands and make him work to get it. If he does get the ball of does get shot, it's going to be contested, and we're just going to really try to get to his legs and make him work all night.

Mike Manciel

On the team's defensive strategy against Kyle Korver:

It's going to be a team effort. If one of our men get beat it will be our responsibility as help-side defense to step up and stop him. It will be a five-man job.

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