Wildcats win a close one

Arizona was able to defeat Cal 10-9 due to Juron Criner stepping up on the last drive

Arizona should have been in the situation it found itself in on Saturday night.

After all, had Cal made one of its two missed field goal attempts, the game would have never been in doubt because Arizona would have already been headed towards a loss with a few minutes left.

However, the Wildcats were given opportunities.

They took advantage of those opportunities and were able to defeat Cal 10-9 due to Juron Criner stepping up on the last drive.

Cal missed a 40-yard field goal with under three minutes left and Arizona had a chance to take advantage down 9-3.

Twi plays into the drive, Nick Foles connected with Criner for a 51-yard grab and Nic Grigsby had a five-yard run to follow.

A few plays later, Foles found Criner for a three-yard score and the extra point gave the Wildcats a win in its first Pac-10 game.

Defensively, both teams were spectacular. Shane Vereen is one of the best backs in the country and Arizona did well, especially in the first half when it held him to 20 yards on seven carries.

Joseph Perkins stepped up on the last drive, intercepting Kevin Riley and cementing the win.

With the win, Arizona is off to its first 4-0 start since 1998 and will head into the bye week looking to get completely healthy before facing Oregon State in two weeks.

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