Pac-10 Power Rankings

Here are the power rankings as we see them so far this season.

1. Oregon: The Ducks had their first test of the season and stepped up. The offense is borderline unstoppable right now.

2. Stanford: The Cardinal are rolling with a dominant victory in each game. The team can get a head start by defeating Oregon this weekend.

3. Arizona: The Wildcats had another last minute drive to move to 4-0. They need to fix the dumb mistakes if they want to move up.

4. USC: The Trojans needs some help on defense, but this is still the most talented team in the conference.

5. UCLA: The bruins could wind up lower, but deserve this spot due to a big win over Texas.

6. Arizona State: The Sun Devils still make too many mistakes, but definitely look to be improved from last season.

7. Oregon State: The Beavers are better than people think and the guess here is that they have an upset or two this season.

8. Cal: Cal's defense was great against the UA and if it plays like that consistently, the Golden Bears are going to be in each game.

9. Washington: UW needs to let Jake Locker free or the whole team will suffer from its lack of creativity.

10. Washington State: The team is bad and there is no much else to say.

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