Championship sites being discussed

The sites for the eventual Pac-12 Championship game are being discussed and we have our own input.

With word of the Pac-10 athletic directors and such getting together to decide a destination for the eventual pac-12 championship game, we got to thinking.

As of now, it seems that Las Vegas and Sam Boyd Stadium is definitely the early leader and there is a good chance that is where it is going to be.

While Las Vegas is a good site, it is also a terrible one for many reasons. For starters, the stadium is not close at all to the strip and is a pain to get back from.

With that being said, there seems to be two places that are better destinations than others.

The first is Qualcomm Stadium, where the Holiday bowl is held. The Q often does a fantastic job holding the bow game and the scenery and tourist value of San Diego is off the charts.

It would easily draw plenty of people, as San Diego is the type of place that can attract a variety of people, as opposed to Vegas, which is a bit more minimal.

The other destination would be Glendale, Arizona. The negative here for others in the conference would be the obvious home field advantage should an Arizona team make the championship game.

However, it is the same place that a Super Bowl has been held and the stage would be dramatically bigger than a lot of conference games.

It is one of the bigger and better venues in the country and the ability to fill such a stadium would be a message to others that the Pac-10 championship game is going to be a very legitimate event.

It remains to be seen where the game is going to be held but, at this time, it simply seems like there are better options than Las Vegas.

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