Duke & Kansas Post-Game Quotes

Kansas' Nick Collison had a career day with 33 points and 19 rebounds, leading his Kansas Bluejays past Duke 69-65. The win gave Kansas their 28th win of the season and a shot at number one seeded Arizona on Saturday. During post game interviews, the head coaches and players from each team shared their thoughts with the media.

Kansas Head Coach Roy Williams

On the game:
"It was a sensational college basketball game, I thought. We feel very fortunate to be the one with the most points when clock stops."

On the first half:
"I love the way our team competed in the first half. Our guys kept playing."

On the halftime talk:
"We tried to challenge the guys to shot how good they are. When you're playing Duke you always know that something is going to happen because of how successful they have been."

On the second half:
"I just told them to play every four minutes. At the eight minute mark, I said "Let's play the best eight minutes we've played all year."

On the offensive differences:
"It was an unusual game because when they were making shots, most of the time they were threes. We were trying to get the ball inside to Nick (Collison) because we felt we had a great match-up for us there with Nick inside."

Kansas' Nick Collison

On the level of comfort in the game:
"In the first half they kept e from getting the ball. They were really trying to get me to be passive. I just kept moving and got some openings."

On the situation with Hinrich sitting with four fouls:
"All night I tried to be aggressive. When Kirk left I was already in that mood. I did not have to do a lot extra."

On his best statistical game of the season:
"It's gotta be up there. I played real well against Texas. With it all on the line, if you lose you are gone, and I will be proud of this one for a long time."

Motivation on the match-up with Duke:
"Duke is a great program. It's the Sweet 16. You don't need any extra motivation. I hose Kansas. Duke did nothing wrong to me (while recruiting me)."

Keith Langford

On ankle injury:
"I rolled my ankle pretty bad but at that point in the game I could not really think about it."

On the key to holding off Duke:
"Kirk did a great job of defending. Everyone had to match his intensity. We made up our minds that we were gonna cut them off. We wanted to make our defense as tough as possible."

Michael Lee

On Nick Collison:
"Collison is consistent. He sweats, he bleeds, he does whatever's needed."

On Hinrich's game:
"Kirk's a finisher. We understood that he wasn't having a good game, but defensively he was there when we needed him."

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

"I am so proud of our team, it was a great game. I've been to a lot of Final Fours and championship level games, and this was a championship level game. I thought our kids were big time and I thought our kids were big time and I thought that theirs were too. It's really tough to score when both teams plays outstanding on the defensive end of the court. Points were tough to come by, guys were putting their bodies on the line. Our kids can't play any harder or with more determination. We played a team that had a similar amount of determination and hard work. Our team had a great, great year, we ere champions of the ACC."

On the team:
"I've loved coaching this team; it's a different team than we've coached in the last few years. We had a group of kids that didn't have reference points, including Chris (Duhon), but we had a collection of people that tried to bring them together, and this has been as enjoyable a season as I've ever had, I've loved coaching this team."

On defensive emphasis:
"Absolutely, if we're to have a chance to beat Kansas we're going to have to take away their transition as much as possible. They did such a great job. We five them all the credit; they were outstanding. The next two keys were to try and shut down Collison and Hinrich. We were successful in guarding Hinrich, but Collison was in a position where he gets the ball more, so what he did was make up for it.

Chris Duhon

On Nick Collison:
"He was very consistent tonight. He led his team to victory and he played as hard as he could. He's the nest player in the country and he proved it tonight."

On Kansas' defensive pressure:
"They defended well. We still had open looks and we took great shots. They just didn't fall. Kansas stayed consistent tonight and they played real hard."

Dahntay Jones

On ending his career at Duke:
"These years were very special It is very hard to say goodbye to the guys in the locker roo. It has become a dream come true these last two years to play for Coach K."

On Nick Collison:
"He played an amazing game. He just wouldn't let his team lose."

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