Top Five

Arizona won its exhibition game on Sunday and here are the top five players

Here are the top five players from Sunday's exhibition:

Derrick Williams: Williams finished with 19 points and six rebounds and continues to show why he is the best player on the team.

Defensively, he still has some work to do. However, we so no reason why that can't improve.

2. Kyle Fogg: It would not be a surprise to see Fogg finish the season second in points.

He has improved every year since he has been here and he could get more time at point guard.

3. Jordin Mayes: Is Mayes the best true point guard on the team?

No offense to Lamont Jones, but Mayes is more of a natural at the position and showed why on Sunday.

4. Solomon Hill: Hill had the complete game that many have become accustomed too and while turnovers are a concern, it was only one game.

5. Jamelle Horne: Horne had a decent game, but is likely going to have to score a little bit more when it counts.

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