Kansas Locker room quotes

Anaheim, Calif. - The Kansas Jayhawks are headed to the Final Four for the second consecutive year and the jubilation was apparent in the post-game interviews. The Jayhawks also gave credit to the Wildcats and Roy Williams knows the disappointment all too well.

Roy Williams

Overview Comments:
"Well you just listened to one of the true gentlemen in college basketball, a guy that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. He said it there at the end that you have to be very, very good and you have to be lucky. Today, for two and a half hours I told our kids that Arizona had been the best team in the country, Arizona and Kentucky, but we didn't have to be the best in the country for the whole season, we had to be the best for the next two and a half hours. I told them what happened to Marquette, beating Kentucky, and everybody had thought Kentucky had been one of the best teams, but these guys played their tails off for that two and a half hour stretch."

On the style of the game:
"The thing I was most proud of was that we came out and we were very aggressive, we were attacking, and all of a sudden they made that huge run right before the end of the half and I challenged our guys in the locker room and I told them that we would not give in because a lot of teams would, and we were going to try and go back and attack. I thought that was what we did. I thought that was the whole difference in the game, our mindset. They made a huge run, we got it up to 13 or 14 and they made three straight threes and yet our kids just kept playing."

On withstanding Arizona's runs:
"I told them that that team was good enough and that they weren't just going to roll over and pay dead. There were going to keep coming back and we were going to have to be tough enough ourselves to make sure that we did what we needed to do."

On the keys to the game:
"It was important for us to get out and run, look for fast beak points. These guys sitting up here with me and the other guys played their tails off today, and I feel awfully good right now."

On Arizona's scoring runs:
"That doesn't bother me as much as it bothers the fans because I know how good the other team is."

Kirk Hinrich

On the last sequence of the game:
"I knew they needed a three. When they were coming out I was expecting a ball screen…and when it didn't come, and when it started getting in his range I knew he was going to shoot. My height helped me." On going into the game:
"I think that I just knew how big a game this was. I don't remember ever being so anxious and giddy before a game. I knew against Duke I wasn't the aggressor. I got frustrated early and forced some shots. Today I just wanted to come out strong. If I was going to go down, I was going to go down firing."

On losing the leads:
"Sometimes you just have to be tough enough to get through the ups and downs."

Nick Collison

On his performance:
"It was frustrating. The whole game was frustrating for me because I really couldn't get it going."

On Graves' play:
"He was huge. That's about as well as he's played for us. For him to produce like that was big for him. H's progressed so far since he first came to us."

About Kirk Hinrich:
"Ever since I've played with him I knew he had more heart and guts than anyone I've ever played with, or seen. He came out with a different mindset today. At half of the Duke game I tried to get Kirk going. I had fed off him for all these yeas I was hoping he would do the same."

Jeff Graves

Keys to the game:
"Rebounding, I think that was the main part of the theme coming into the game. We knew the last time that they had taken advantage of rebounding and we were not boxing out. We knew we had to box out tonight."

On his tip-in:
"I was just trying to do my job. The coaches said crash the boards and I was trying to play my role in the game."

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