Pac-10 Power Rankings

Here is the Pac-10 conference as we see it in basketball.

Here is the Pac-10 conference as we see it in basketball.

1. Washington: The Huskies lost to good teams in Maui and it is still apparent that it will be a good squad.

UW will struggle with smart teams that play a slower pace and it will be interesting to see how it adjusts.

2. Arizona: Las Vegas could only have gone better with a Kansas win, but the UA has started the season off well.

There are still some questions to be answered, but Arizona looks to be much improved.

3. UCLA: The Bruins are a very hard team to figure out and we likely will not figure them out for a while.

UCLA has as much talent as questions, but has a very high ceiling if everything clicks.

4. Washington State: The Cougars look solid in the early going, but will need another player to step up besides Klay Thompson.

5. Arizona State: The Sun Devils are another team that is hard to figure out.

Arizona State is missing an impact player next to Trent Lockett and definitely needs a big man, but will still get its fair share of wins.

6. Cal: The Golden Bears have scored five in a half this season and that obviously will not get it done.

Cal has a ton of youth, which will lead to some fits this season.

7. USC: The Trojans do not look good at all, but the fact is that they still look better than the other teams in the conference.

8. Stanford: The Cardinal basically look how we thought they would look.

This is not going to be a very dangerous team at all and it will struggle with the upper echelon of the conference.

9. Oregon State: The Beavers have something to prove and util they do, it is hard to put them higher.

10. Oregon: The Ducks have looked terrible in the early season and the reality is that they should be happy they do not have more losses.

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