Practice report: April 4th

The Wildcats practiced in full pads for the second straight day. While there was still no tackling, a lot of hitting was going on. The defense continues to add new wrinkles to the scheme, adding blitzes on Thursday night.

The blitzes proved effective, catching the offense off guard on several occasions. One of the keys to the new 3-4 is that the blitzes are better disguised than they were last year. Head coach John Mackovic seemed quite intrigued by the unpredictability of the blitzes.

"Our defense put in some blitzes today and they were humming, they liked that," Mackovic said. "The disguises are not disguises that are difficult to execute. It is just that a lot of the looks look the same, they just go different ways."

The coaches are piling new things on their players and the players are responding. Although much of the defense is still in its infancy, it has made things difficult with its different look. The offense had to settle for mostly underneath passes as they are still trying to get a grasp on what they are seeing.

For the offense it is still a matter of working on timing. Both Nick Costa and Ryan O'Hara seem to be doing a better job working with their receivers. Neither signal caller has made significant progress in earning the starting job. Each has shown flashes, but neither has shown the consistency that will earn them the start.

In running drills, Mike Bell and Beau Carr had several good runs. Both hit the hole hard and showed some shiftiness.

*Zeonte Sherman is getting all of his time at corner back. Wildcat coaches are still not sure where he will play, but they want to see if he can be an effective corner because they already feel comfortable with him at safety.

*The staff has not ruled out moving Michael Jolivette to safety if his knee is not 100%.

*Gainus Scott and Sean Jones sat out practice with minor injuries.

*Wildcat signee Ray Gurley watched practice along with a few players from Pima CC, where Gurley has been working out.

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