Arizona ready to go

Arizona is set to face Oklahoma State on Wednesday night.

Arizona is getting ready to face Oklahoma State Wednesday night and one change that people will see is in Arizona's special teams.

"I think the biggest thing for us special teams wise, we changed some personnel," Mike Stoops said. "Went to some of our more reliable, had to go to a lot more starters just because of the lack of productions and coverage and returns. We really fell off the second half of the season so that's where the biggest changes were made.

"William Wright will be back returning punts. He's been much more explosive than what we've had back there. Hopefully we can just get on track and create some field position with a little bit of a change in personnel."

Stoops believes the team is more focused then it was last year for the Holiday Bowl.

"We seem to be much more focused on some of the details of the preparation," he said. "From my vantage point I see a difference in our attitude and our practices and hopefully that will carry over to tomorrow night. A lot happened a year ago and hopefully we've learned from some of our mistakes.

"What you do as you get older, through these bowl experiences I think you evaluate each one – what's the good part and the bad part. Certainly there's a lot of bad in all the stuff we did leading up to the game.

In addition, Stoops says that team understands the implications of the game.

"But I just feel we understand what kind of game this is gonna be. Getting embarrassed a year ago was a tough feeling. We've never not competed an that's not what our program is about.

"This is a team that's competed since day one when we took over this program. I look for us to compete in a lot better way tomorrow nigh."

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