Big 12 history means little

As Arizona gets ready for its bowl game, Mike Stoops is not looking to the past.

As Arizona gets ready for its bowl game, Stoops says he is not looking to the past.

"There's certainly no feelings from the past, somebody asked me that a long time ago, I've been gone from Oklahoma for seven years now, so whatever great games we had with Oklahoma State are far away and obviously, my affiliation to Arizona is very unique," he said.

"I watch college football, I watch their team, but the only game that means anything to me is the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game, that's only because my brother, Bob's affiliation to Oklahoma."

With that being said, there is still plenty of respect going around.

"Mike, we're all friends in this business and I think the longer you're in it, you have more respect for people who go through what you do day in and day out and what we have to deal with has changed a considerable amount and trying to build programs, which we have tried to do, this has been fun to be with Mike this week, but my affiliation, it means nothing, this is all about Arizona and winning for Arizona and that's it really."

That seemingly has still not stopped Stoops from asking his brother for the occasional advice.

"We talk, basically what you talk about is, I look at all the film, this is what I see, I see things this way, is this how you, it kind of reaffirms what you're seeing, whether these tendencies are true, it doesn't matter, each play is different, they're all drastically different, they look alike, a lot, but the plays will be different, they're the same plays but they're just different, so there's not a whole lot you can do, they have a lot of diversification in their offense and a lot of offense," Stoops said.

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